See through the noise

At CRFS we create deployable systems to detect, identify and geolocate signals in a range of complex spectrum environments  






Direction Finding and Geolocation

Locate the source of RF transmissions to deliver vital intelligence in both military and civilian applications

Direction Finding and Geolocation

Hunt interference sources
Track aircraft and drones
Geolocate the enemy

Spectrum Management

Manage and monitor the RF spectrum to ensure efficient usage and sharing of valuable spectrum resources

Spectrum Management

Resolve spectrum conflicts
Measure spectrum occupancy
Detect interference


Combat the threat from bugs and surveillance devices and ensure no one is listening


Guard against unwanted eavesdropping
Protect your confidential conversations
Locate active devices 24/7

Critical Infrastructure

Protect national infrastructure assets from unauthorized use of spectrum

Critical Infrastructure

Prevent spectrum interference
Protect sensitive data
Detect drone intrusions

Drone Detection

Get alerted, track and geolocate unauthorized drones and UAS

Drone Detection

Locate the drone and the controller
Geolocate drones in 3D
Augment and enhance radar detection

Forensic Analysis

Discover hidden signals of interest across the spectrum

Forensic Analysis

Find low power or short pulsed signals
Detect co-channel or frequency
hopping signals
Analyze post event in high fidelity

Demystifying RF – The CRFS Spring Webinar Series

CRFS today announced the launch of its Spring Webinar Series. Subject experts from the company will be conducting interactive webinars covering a range of topics of interest to current and potential users of RF spectrum monitoring and geolocation equipment.

Want to know how far away drones can be detected using RF? Check out our latest blog #drones #rf #dronedetection #counteruas #cuas hubs.ly/H0s5GgB0

Yesterday from CRFS's Twitter via HubSpot

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