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Partnering with CRFS offers a unique opportunity to engage with advanced RF technology markets, leveraging the company's established expertise and resources. CRFS supports our partners with a range of practical resources, including educational materials and marketing tools.

Collaboration involves jointly addressing RFIs and RFPs and using CRFS' expertise to effectively target market opportunities. Partnerships are based on clear communication and alignment with client needs; they focus on delivering appropriate and effective solutions for long-term business growth. 

  • Advanced RF technology

  • COTS products

  • Turnkey solutions

  • Seamless customer experiences

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CRFS continually seeks to expand its network by partnering with new Value Added Resellers (VARs) and in-country distributors. We not only refer opportunities to our partners but also engage in active collaboration with them. This collaboration focuses in exploring and realizing significant platform investment opportunities, executing sub-system integrations, and responding to select RFIs, thereby fostering mutual growth and success in our respective markets.

Partner benefits

Sales & Marketing
Sales & Marketing

Our offerings are designed to elevate your business, granting you access to the high performance RF sensor market. CRFS is committed to equipping you with a comprehensive suite of sales and marketing tools, including informative fact sheets, detailed guides, engaging videos, comprehensive data sheets, and robust event support. Furthermore, we facilitate participation in local buying group meetings and offer exclusive promotions—designed to help unlock local business opportunities.

Education & Training
Education & Training

Leverage CRFS' diverse and adaptable learning resources to enhance your expertise and services. Our offerings include a range of educational tools such as product-focused and technical webinars, personalized online briefings, comprehensive classroom training sessions, and on-site expert certification programs. These resources are thoughtfully curated and delivered by our experienced customer support team, in coordination with CRFS sales, product, and field engineers. This wealth of knowledge and training is readily available to our partners.

Support Library
Support Library

Our benefits are pivotal in setting your business apart and unlocking access to the high-performance RF sensor markets. CRFS is dedicated to providing an array of sales and marketing tools tailored to your needs, including informative fact sheets, comprehensive guides, engaging videos, and detailed data sheets. We also offer robust event support and facilitate participation in local buying group meetings. Additionally, our exclusive promotions are designed to help you capitalize on local business opportunities.

RFI & RFP Support
RFI & RFP Support

We are committed to collaborating closely with you in responding to mutually agreed upon RFIs and RFPs. Use our proven credentials, extensive deployment library, and the capabilities of the RFeye ecosystem to effectively seize suitable opportunities and foster enduring customer relationships. Additionally, we will also help stakeholders research, write and publish RFIs that are fit-for-purpose and clearly communicate if we feel our platforms are unsuited.

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