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CRFS, a global leader in RF technology, was founded in 2007 to innovate in spectrum monitoring and geolocation. The company focuses on manufacturing and designing advanced hardware and software solutions to detect, monitor, and analyze RF signals in complex environments. This expertise has proved crucial to various sectors, including national spectrum regulators, the military, and security and intelligence services. As the spectrum becomes ever-more congested, CRFS’ mission is to continue pioneering sophisticated technologies for complex challenges in the RF spectrum domain.

  • TRL-9 solutions
  • Open architecture

  • Muti-mission RF sensors

  • Multi-domain superiority


CRFS is an agile and flexible company that works with our customers to design specific system requirements 

Advanced RF sensors

CRFS develops some of the most advanced RF sensors available. The RFeye Node is a portable and rugged high-performance RF sensor for real-time 24/7 spectrum monitoring and geolocation of transmitters. Monitoring up to 40 GHz, the RFeye Node is the backbone of all CRFS hardware.

Sophisticated spectrum monitoring

CRFS software ecosystem provides users with sophisticated spectrum analysis and geolocation capabilities. It enables users to efficiently monitor, analyze, and manage the RF spectrum to help users make informed decisions in real-time by turning RF data into actionable intelligence.

CRFS does not only provide hardware and software. We aim to be part of the solution by working with our customers to determine, build, and develop the specific features and functionality they require. 

Hundreds of customers rely on CRFS hardware & software

Hundreds of customers rely on CRFS hardware & software


CRFS sensors (Nodes) built / supplied


Organizations leveraging CRFS software & APIs


Continents where CRFS technology is deployed

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Two facilities in Europe & North America ensures a global presence

EMEA Office

Unit 1, Bourn Quarter, Wellington Way, Cambridge, CB23 7FW

US Office

4230-D Lafayette Center Drive, Chantilly, VA 20151

Our values

As a leading global provider of RF solutions, our values are designed to ensure we can continue to meet customer expectations as they change together with the RF environment.


We constantly seek new and creative ways to improve and deliver on our promises.


We are trusted, accountable, and focused on planned outcomes.


We strive to continually push boundaries in technology and user experience.


We are stronger together and prefer to co-engineer, partner, and grow for mutual benefit.



Company overview

CRFS is an RF technology specialist for the defense industry, national security agencies, and systems integration partners. Download our company overview to learn more.

Senior leadership team

Nick Balon


Pio Szyjanowicz


Alistair Massarella

CTO & Co-founder

Matthew Hunt

VP Global Sales

Chris Abraham

VP Marketing

Andrew Howell

VP Engineering

Accreditations & associations

Strategic vision

CRFS shapes its quality objectives by embracing its core strategic vision and commitment to innovation, continuous improvement, and customer satisfaction. The RFeye ecosystem embodies this commitment and is exemplified by the ease of deployments and many successful integrations.

Quality certifications & process

CRFS meets international quality standards like ISO:9001. CRFS has a Quality Management System (QMS), Quality Policy, and processes to address new product introduction, change management, and improvement. The company's quality manual is compliant with ISO:9001 and has been approved by senior management.

Supply chain

CRFS is committed to providing a dynamic, strategically accessible, world-class supply-platform that creates a sustainable competitive advantage in every aspect of the company's global operation. Contact our team to find out more about our supplier requirements and manufacturing processes, including anti-counterfeit and non-conforming policies. 

Green engineering

CRFS embraces the principles of green engineering, emphasizing sustainability and ethical practices throughout all our processes. As part of a conscientious effort to reduce our carbon footprint, we integrate eco-friendly technologies and solutions into our operations. Our commitment to environmental awareness drives us to continually innovate and lead by example in creating a more sustainable company.

Recent deployments

End-users and system integrators are using our hardware and software across the globe.

Where is your next deployment?

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RFeye technology & ecosystem

By defining & integrating the right RF technology for your unique mission requirements, CRFS can help optimize your results and maximize your ROI.

Silvus Technology
Group 1137

CRFS is fortunate to be supported by its parent company Silvus Technologies, manufacturer of cutting-edge MN-MIMO wireless technology.

Silvus radios are built tough to withstand the rigors of air, sea, and ground operations, making them suitable for a wide range of industries including military, law enforcement, unmanned systems, broadcasting, and maritime applications. The technology promises high-throughput connectivity, exceptional multipath and non-line-of-sight performance, and the resilience to maintain communications in the most unpredictable circumstances.

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