RFeye DeepView software

Forensic signal analysis with
100% probability of intercept

Monitoring and intercepting signals across wide frequency ranges can be very challenging. Signal analysis of unknown and complex emitters is problematic. The wider bandwidth and highly complex, low-power characteristics of some modern Transmitters of Interest (ToIs) are difficult to find, identify, and understand. 

CRFS developed RFeye DeepView specifically for EW and SIGINT operators and RF test engineers. The signal analysis software is an easy-to-use, advanced signal monitoring and measurement solution that enables spectrum segment intelligence. Users can reliably record and capture RF signals and detect ToIs, which can be recognized, analyzed, and further processed.

RFeye DeepView is an advanced signal analysis software with a 100% probability of intercept. The Signal Discovery feature empowers users to quickly detect anomalies and perform statistical analysis on extensive datasets, efficiently isolating critical signals of interest.

  • Wideband signal intelligence monitoring

  • RF recording and I/Q capture

  • Measure unknown ToIs

  • Signal content extraction

  • Stream I/Q data (VITA-49) to COMINT for processing

  • Exclusively for RFeye hardware

  • Supports RFeye SenS Portable / Remote for long-duration RF recording and capture

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Advanced signal intelligence

Observe the occurrence and properties of specific signals to gain situational awareness. Measure unknown or ‘unfriendly’ transmitters of interest (ToIs) and extract signal content by creating signal fragments or ‘snippets.’
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Signal interception

Search, detect, record, and capture RF data (long duration, wideband RF recording of I/Q) to support content extraction and post-processing (demodulation and decryption via third-party software).

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Signal analysis

Determine accurate signal parameters and characteristics. Perform measurements on live or recorded signals. See an overview spectrogram of the complete dataset. Export and import digitally tuned and filtered sections of I/Q data.
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Signal Discovery

View and interact with huge datasets containing millions of signals and filter and discriminate using statistical hotspots. Signal Discovery allows users to rapidly zoom into patterns of signals—to find a needle in a haystack. 


RFeye DeepView allows you to:

  • Preview the entire frequency range of the RF sensor
  • Record up to 100 MHz IBW
  • Interpret a densely populated signal picture
  • Detect known and unknown signals
  • Extract a signal's content (I/Q snippet)
  • Record and analyze multiple signals in high-fidelity
  • Store TBs of raw and processed I/Q data
  • Extract and export data in various formats (VITA-49, RFIQ, XDAT, NCP, SIGMF, CSV, H5, HDF5, SIQ, WAV, EWAV)
  • Add signals to your intelligence library
  • Inform the parameters for custom detectors
  • Measure and technically analyze unknown signals
  • Record RF (wideband, long duration I/Q data capture)
  • Stream in VITA-49 to third-party software
Required specifications for optimal performance
  • Intel quad-core i9 processor (or higher)
  • Memory: 32 GB RAM or higher
  • Thunderbolt 3 port to control the RFeye SenS Portable RF recorder (when used)
  • We recommend purchasing a PC CRFS has pre-configured for RFeye DeepView, I/Q recording, and analysis. This option lets end users record RF I/Q data immediately using a pre-configured, thoroughly tested system.
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RFeye support

Technical support

The customer support team can remotely assist with any issue, wherever you are located. Get practical help, receive answers to technical queries, access software workarounds, add more users, and enhance your software bundle by adding another CRFS software solution to your operation.  


CRFS provides on-site, remote, and classroom-style training for every skill level as well as bespoke set-up and training tailored to individual needs. For further information, browse the training modules available through Customer Support. 

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