Ultra-wide frequency, high-speed, highly accurate radio direction finding and geolocation for fixed, tactical, and mobile deployments 

RFeye Array
RFeye Array overview

RFeye Array overview

The RFeye Array is an ultra-wide frequency, multi-mission system for fixed or mobile applications with simultaneous direction finding (DF), spectrum monitoring, and geolocation capability. It houses one or two RFeye Nodes, directional antennas, and omnidirectional antennas in a robust radome, designed for hostile environments. Operating up to 40 GHz, you are unlikely to ever miss a signal of interest.

Group 2150
Array 150-0904

With broad bandwidth and high sensitivity, the RFeye Array is equipped with inbuilt processing capabilities for efficient geolocation and monitoring, which reduces the need for extensive backhaul data. Additionally, its unique architecture permits multiple simultaneous tasks and missions, supporting diverse operational needs.

RFeye Arrays are available in several sizes and configurations; however, all models are designed to provide hybrid capability, allowing combinations of PoA, AoA, and TDoA techniques to be used against signals for optimal suitability.

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  • Unmatched reliability in the world’s harshest conditions
  • Multi-layer synchronous technology
  • A unique calibration file means no need for recalibration
  • Flexibility through fixed or vehicle-mounted deployments
  • Reduced backhaul needs as RF data is processed on the Node
  • Never miss a signal with a range from 20 MHz up to 40 GHz
  • High accuracy and sensitivity for optimized signal detection
  • Users can carry out multiple simultaneous missions

RFeye Array at a glance


Unique multi-layer approach


DF antennas


All linear signal polarizations

Combined geolocation methodologies

Combined geolocation methodologies

100 MHz IBW wideband frequency monitoring

100 MHz IBW wideband frequency monitoring


RF recording (I/Q capture)

Networked for multiple users & missions

Networked for multiple users & missions

Ruggedized protection from water or dust

Ruggedized protection from water or dust



RFeye Array overview

Understand the technology behind the RFeye Array. Walk through the different size and configuration options. Learn how the multi-layer approach makes the RFeye Array superior to other DF techniques. Discover the powerful software that works with the RFeye Array.

Deploying your hardware

RFeye Arrays are built in a range of sizes and antenna configurations. They can be mounted in fixed positions on towers, masts, and buildings or on mobile applications such as vehicles or trailers.

Each RFeye Array is housed within a robust IP55-rated radome designed for hostile conditions. Additionally, the RFeye Array can be used as a standalone system or networked over large distances with other RFeye systems as part of a wide area spectrum monitoring and TDoA system.

Array 150-0909

A more sophisticated & versatile approach to DF

The RFeye Array uses a unique multi-layer approach that is more sophisticated and versatile than traditional direction-finding techniques.

Spiral directional antennas

High-performance spiral directional antennas are optimized for different frequency bands and arranged in multiple orientations. The spiral antennas support a high-speed commutating approach, whereby an RF receiver scans from 300 MHz to up to 40 GHz. This allows for swift and accurate direction finding or signal characterization as the receiver measures correlations and calculates actual positional probabilities based on received power at each antenna.

Signal polarizations

The Array is sensitive to most incoming signal polarizations, including all linear polarizations, allowing reliable detection of signals, including those invisible to other DF systems. Also, timing and synchronization features enable combined AoA, TDoA, and PoA techniques. Irrespective of signal power, bandwidth, or frequency, these techniques allow all signal types in the range to be overlaid onto a wide variety of maps, satellite images, and 2D/3D GIS datasets to give a unique positional display showing source geolocation probabilities.

Accuracy ensured

Each RFeye Array undergoes individual calibration in real-world settings to ensure its accuracy. It then retains a constant, unique calibration file, eliminating the need for frequent recalibrations. This design guarantees sustained accuracy, even in extreme environmental conditions, offering reliable performance without the maintenance hassle.

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Array comparison RFEYE ARRAY 125 RFEYE ARRAY 150 RFEYE ARRAY 300-8 RFEYE ARRAY 300-18 RFEYE ARRAY 300-40
Channels Single RF sensor (Node) Single RF sensor (Node) Dual RF sensors (Nodes) Dual RF sensors (Nodes) Dual RF sensors (Nodes)
Frequency range 9 kHz - 8 GHz 9 kHz - 18 GHz 9 kHz - 8 GHz 9 kHz - 18 GHz 9 kHz - 40 GHz
Direction finding frequency range 500 MHz - 8 GHz 500 MHz - 18 GHz 20 MHz - 8 GHz 20 MHz - 18 GHz 20 MHz - 40 GHz
VHF DF extender option (20 MHz - 300 MHz) N/A N/A Yes Yes Yes
Noise figures at maximum sensitivity 6-10 dB typical 7-18 dB typical 6-10 dB typical 7-18 dB typical 8.5-16 dB typical
Instantaneous bandwidth (IBW) 100 MHz 100 MHz 100 MHz 100 MHz 100 MHz
Sweep speed (typical) 280 GHz/s @ 2 MHz RBW 390 GHz/s @ 2 MHz RBW 280 GHz/s @ 2 MHz RBW 390 GHz/s @ 2 MHz RBW 232 GHz/s @ 2 MHz RBW
Supports PoA, AoA, TDoA, hybrid DF methods Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

How combining ground & air-based RF sensors improved ISR and target acquisition.

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Advanced Geolocation Capabilities small


Advanced geolocation capabilities

This white paper explores how to enhance standard geolocation techniques such as AoA (Angle of Arrival), TDoA (Time Difference of Arrival), and PoA (Power on Arrival) by using the advanced signal processing methods employed by RFeye software and hardware.

Explore RFeye Array

Ultra-wide frequency, high-performance radio direction finding up to 40 GHz for multiple missions

RFeye Array 300
RFeye Array 300

High-performance simultaneous wideband radio monitoring, DF, and geolocation. Vehicle-mounted or fixed deployment with 8GHz, 18GHz, or 40GHz options. Two Nodes enable you to receive and record I/Q simultaneously.

RFeye Array 100
RFeye Array 100

Direction finding and advanced plug-and-play geolocation system. Fully integrated, multi-mission systems for fixed, vehicle, or transportable applications with simultaneous DF, monitoring, and geolocation capability.

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