TSCM RFeye Guard

Continuous real-time in-building monitoring for Technical Surveillance Countermeasures
RFeye Guard
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RFeye Guard overview

RFeye Guard overview

RFeye Guard is a sophisticated in-place spectrum monitoring and threat geolocation system for 24/7/365 TSCM. It combines highly sensitive and broad bandwidth receivers with real-time and autonomous software to ensure you never miss an illicit signal.

This high-specification technology offers continuous spectrum monitoring up to 40 GHz and is designed to detect signals that are likely to be missed by handheld sweepers. Its high sweep rates of almost 400 GHz/s and resolution down to 1 Hz make it a robust system designed to provide a 100% probability of intercept (POI) for unauthorized transmissions in real-time.


RFeye Guard relies on a network of permanent RF receivers discreetly installed in ceiling kits. They continuously scan and sweep the electromagnetic spectrum for unauthorized transmissions. When they detect an illicit signal, RFeye software calculates its exact location using Power on Arrival (PoA) and issues security with an alert.

  • Real-time and automated 24/7/365 surveillance
  • Complete RF security
  • Integrates with existing building aesthetics
  • In-building geolocation of bugs and exterior monitoring
  • SyncLinc technology for accurate geolocation

RFeye Guard at a glance

Intelligent RF sensor

Intelligent RF sensor


Timing synchronization

Networked for multiple

Networked for multiple
users & missions

Superior RF performance

Superior RF performance

Group 2159

100 MHz IBW wideband frequency monitoring

Easy installation

Easy installation,
setup & operation



Continuous real-time in-building monitoring for Technical Surveillance Counter Measures

In an era where the threat of espionage is a real-world concern, protecting sensitive information and ensuring your facility’s security is paramount. RFeye Guard offers continuous, real-time in-building monitoring designed to combat the ever-growing threat of covert surveillance devices.

RFeye Guard - Detect. Locate. Protect.

RFeye Guard helps protect critical infrastructure, government entities, and corporations from the increasing threat of state and corporate espionage.





RF transmitters used for espionage are discrete, capable, and accessible—from $20 bugs available online to highly sophisticated RF covert listening devices hidden inside USB cables, light bulbs, or authorized electronic devices. These devices are very difficult to locate and can lie dormant until connected to a mobile network.

Vigilant entities focused on robust operational security will want to invest in multi-layered Technical Surveillance Countermeasures to detect and address any threats. This approach combines physical security, bug sweeping, and an in-place monitoring system for round-the-clock monitoring and immediate detection of security breaches.


How a security service detects and geolocates unwanted signals to safeguard national security

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