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RF solutions for border security monitoring intelligence, surveillance & reconnaissance

Border security monitoring solutions that allow governments, militaries, and border agencies to enhance national security by protecting land, airspace, and sensitive infrastructure

White papers

Augmenting border security & defense with Radio Frequency (RF) sensor technology

This white paper was guided by the results of a border security survey aimed at border control, border security, and military personnel tasked with national security and defense. It examines how RF sensor technology can be used to tackle modern border security threats

Product brochures

CRFS APIs Overview

Integrate CRFS’ software capabilities with open-source APIs

Product brochures

RFeye Node Overview

High-performance spectrum monitoring from 9 kHz to 40 GHz


RFeye Ecosystem

Product brochures

RFeye Array Overview

Ultra wide frequency, high performance radio direction finding up to 40 GHz

Webinar on demand

Needle in the spectrum haystack

Extracting and classifying RF recorded I/Q signals

Product brochures

RFeye Guard Overview

Continuous real-time technical surveillance counter measures for sensitive or secure facilities

White papers

10 ways to meet OPEX & CAPEX challenges

Here are ten things spectrum regulators can do to address OPEX and CAPEX challenges when finances are limited


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White papers

Spectrum monitoring & geolocation systems

An overview of contemporary radio spectrum monitoring practice and the sensor and geolocation technologies to meet the emerging challenges


Capability Introduction