RFeye Mission Manager software

Automated spectrum monitoring
& mission management

CRFS developed RFeye Mission Manager at the request of national regulators, military spectrum managers, and border security monitoring stations. The software allows automated spectrum monitoring and supports advanced, synchronous spectrum management for outdoor and high-security in-building requirements. Intended for technical and non-technical operators, it enables users to automate the spectrum monitoring and geolocation missions they have created in RFeye Site.

Operators can intuitively plan, schedule, automate, manage, and report multi-user, multi-mission tasks. RFeye Mission Manager provides clear views of the RF environment, intuitive visualizations of transmitters of interest (ToI), operating zones, geofencing, near-time incident alerts, alarms, etc.  

  • Automated spectrum monitoring

  • Spectrum management system

  • Continuous network uptime

  • Automated geolocations

  • Create Blacklist & Whitelist ToIs 

  • Enables TSCM 

  • Aligns with ITU 1537-1 

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Smart sweeps, scans & surveys

Mission Manager is a virtual spectrum manager, enabling users to establish and coordinate multiple scan operations, including sweep, occupancy, time, bearing, detector, and remote recording. Additionally, it permits sweep and interlinked surveys to form a command center from a central location. Software users can build a continuous and synchronous view of the spectrum as events happen. 


Automated geolocations

Automatically geolocate and aggregate signals of interest based on frequency, bandwidth, signal location, time, and power. Generate PoA, AoA, TDoA, and 3D TDoA geolocations directly within RFeye Mission Manager or upload planned missions from RFeye Site for automatic (triggered or tasked) geolocation.  
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Intuitive visualization

The map view feature provides an intuitive and straightforward graphical representation of the RF environment and complex datasets. Visualization allows users to monitor authorized transmitters, establish and monitor operating zones and geofences, and apply map overlays. Users can identify transmitters of interest (ToI) and grouped ToIs, access spectrum view, pinpoint geolocations, and receive incident reports and alarms in near time.  

schedule management

Schedule management

Schedule manager allows users to plan and organize tasks by placing them in a monthly, weekly, or daily queue. It provides a detailed view of individual schedules, associated tasks, and any third-party activities. The spectrum coverage feature permits users to view schedules and tasks across time and frequency—essential for synchronizing missions, avoiding signal interference, and optimizing the operational time of RF sensors and networks.  
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Automated reporting

Automatically generate many standard and customized reports and data captures, including signal occupancy reports, signal power reports, geolocation reports, sweep data, GPS status, and RF sensor reports. Distribute reports to authorized parties and send notifications as part of a report or schedule. 


Supports TSCM (in-building spectrum monitoring)

RFeye Mission Manager supports Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) and in-building monitoring. A network of RFeye Nodes located in secure buildings are synchronized with CRFS’ SyncLinc technology, and the software enables continuous spectrum monitoring, fast sweeps, detection, and location of emitters.   
Manage sensors, network, & users
  • Centrally maintain and update remote RF sensors  

  • Discover the status of your sensors, network, and mission  

  • Automatically generate errors and manage multi-user actions and permissions

View, export, & stream data
  • Easily view all data collected, sweep scans, occupancy, time I/Q, signal, geolocation, mask break, message, location, and system health  
  • Export and share spectrum monitoring data in industry-standard formats 
  • Stream TDoA geolocations in ASTERIX and pbd (Google protobuffer) formats 
For the best performance we recommend these specifications:
  • Linux (Ubuntu) 20.04 (64-bit)
  • Core CPU minimum, Intel Core i9 CPU recommended
  • Memory: 32 GB RAM recommended (more for exporting / importing large datasets)
  • SSD with at least 1 TB of free space (4 TB SSD recommended)

RFeye support

Technical support

The customer support team can remotely assist with any issue, wherever you are located. Get practical help, receive answers to technical queries, access software workarounds, add more users, and enhance your software bundle by adding another CRFS software solution to your operation.  


CRFS provides on-site, remote, and classroom-style training for every skill level as well as bespoke set-up and training tailored to individual needs. For further information, browse the training modules available through Customer Support. 

SSUS subscription

Software support and updates service (SSUS) provides permanent and continual access to CRFS support, new software features, and critical updates. Customers benefit from improved hardware and software performance, continued compatibility, and smoother integrations. SSUS information subscription ensures mission resilience. 

Talk to a software advisor

Talk to a software advisor

Whether you're an existing customer or an integrator wanting to discuss a program, our advisors are on-hand to discuss how our software solutions can be tailored to suit your needs.