CRFS training covers both software and hardware products. Courses are modular, and content is selected based on customer need (including chosen hardware/software options and intended usage).

  • Customer specific content
  • Face-to-face or remote options
  • A mixture of theory & practical work

Technology Overview

Sand Clock 2 hours
The breadth of CRFS hardware and software options is considerable, this element of training focusses on the customer’s chosen options and covers basic system information and deployment considerations tailored to need and application.

Module content

RFeye Site

Sand Clock 2 days
RFeye Site is CRFS’s spectrum monitoring and geolocation control hub software containing all the essential functionality for full spectrum operations (military and non-military) with advanced RF intelligence. This is a two-day course covering installation and setting up for success, fundamentals and best practice.

Module content

RFeye Mission Manager

Sand Clock 2 days
RFeye Mission Manager is CRFS’s automated spectrum management and near-time incident reporting software toolset. This is a two-day course covering features, installation, configuration and licensing fundamentals and administration of users. It takes you through how to automate tasks, missions, alerts and reports, together with advanced features to spot, resolve and respond to trigger events.

Module content

RFeye Deepview

Sand Clock 4 hours
RFeye DeepView is CRFS’s forensic signal analysis software solution offering a 100% probability of intercept. This course provides a useful set-up and onboarding overview including installation, licensing and set-up. It then takes you through familiarization of the signal analysis user interface, menu options, signal analysis techniques, displays and I/Q data processing. The course is designed for operators focused on RF recording and signal capture, as well as signal analysis. You will learn how to quickly find and interrogate terabytes of data and export signal fragments of interest for demodulation.

Module content

Geolocation fundamentals

Sand Clock 1 day
This CRFS training course is aimed at starter and intermediary operators interested in direction finding, localization and geolocation of RF emitters. It explains key geolocation principles, introduces PoA, A0A and TDoA methodology including hybrid geolocation techniques, troubleshooting and how to overcome common errors, false positives and factors impacting accurate and reliable geolocation.

Module content

Partner induction

Sand Clock 1 week
This is a modular training programme designed to bring sales, support and technical Partner staff to a consensus understanding and be able to transfer useful technology, application and ‘so what?’ information for their local customers. The modules can be fine-tuned in advance for bespoke in-country needs but are designed to onboard, refresh and develop a deeper understanding of CRFS technology.

Module content