Spectrum monitoring and management

We provide intelligent systems for real-time monitoring and management of the RF spectrum. Our systems (RFeye Nodes and RFeye Arrays) can be deployed indoors or outdoors to autonomously and continuously monitor spectrum, sending data in real time over IP to a remote operator. The intelligence of our RFeye spectrum monitoring systems allows tasks to be scheduled and key insights to be highlighted, removing the need for operators to observe spectrum 24/7. Our systems can be deployed in several configurations:

  • Fixed outdoor
  • Fixed indoor (including discreet ceiling tile mounting)
  • Vehicle-portable
  • Man-portable

Our spectrum monitoring hardware also comes with built-in geolocation capability, so there’s no need for two separate systems.

Spectrum monitoring software

State-of-the-art software is key to maximizing the benefit from hardware investment. Our software (RFeye Site and RFeye Mission) enables users to obtain deeper insights without the need to manually analyze data in painstaking detail. Features of our spectrum monitoring software tools include:

  • Real-time geolocations overlaid on map
  • Alarms and alerts on signal detection
  • Spectrum surveys for analysis of spectrum occupancy
  • Signal classification
  • Simulation and modelling: Optimize monitoring network for improved coverage
  • Triggered record of RF signals of interest
RFeye spectrum monitoring and geolocation software

Spectrum management

Our spectrum monitoring systems provide actionable intelligence so that spectrum can be efficiently managed with both proactive and reactive measures. This includes managing frequency assignments on either a short-term or long-term basis such as:

  • Nationwide license allocations by the spectrum regulator
  • Temporary media assignments during special events
  • Spectrum management on military proving grounds

Effective monitoring and management with our systems allows the risk of RF interference to be minimized, while sources of interference which cannot be prevented can be quickly detected and located.

In the longer term, identified interference issues, as well as detailed spectrum occupancy data collected and analyzed with RFeye Software, can be used to make key decisions on spectrum allocations for:

  • Improved efficiency
  • Reduced interference
  • (For national regulators) increased license revenue

Also see geolocation

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