Electronic Warfare – Cyber & Electromagnetic Activities

Use and exploitation of the RF spectrum is vital for successful modern military operations. Our reliance upon the electromagnetic spectrum in almost every area of battlefield operation is what drives the strategic importance of Electronic Warfare (EW). The EW domain is a discrete battlefield itself, engaging cyber operations and electromagnetic activities to disrupt, intercept and influence enemy communications and behavior.

Spectrum capacity is a finite resource and shares occupancy with civilian operations that differ from country to country. In active operations, there is a further need to consider allied/grey-forces’ own operations that are not under direct control. As such, the ability to manage the spectrum reactively is critical to success.

Electromagnetic operations need to deliver an ever-changing picture of active operations, to react to changing environments, and to deliver actionable intelligence that can be used to assure spectrum dominance.

The CRFS approach to CEMA (Cyber and Electromagnetic Activities) is to focus on solutions that are agile, collaborative, automated and actionable. Environments and operations change by the second, so our technical solutions need to keep pace. CRFS software solutions deliver automated intelligence using tools such as Machine Learning and are designed to be NAIMS (A.I.) ready.

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Military applications

Electronic Warfare Support

We work with many militaries and defense integrators supplying them with key components in their SIGINT and EW solutions

Battlefield situational awareness

Know what your RF signature looks like to the enemy and detect, identify and locate hostile forces

Passive aircraft tracking

Naval EMCON (Emissions Control)

Securing proving grounds and test ranges

Interference hunting during UAV testing

Covert Spectrum Monitoring