Protecting secure facilities and gathering intelligence from the RF spectrum

CRFS provides real-time RF spectrum monitoring and counter-surveillance solutions for corporate, government and law enforcement customers. Our RFeye Guard system can be used to detect and locate unauthorized transmissions (including surveillance and data exfiltration devices) in target buildings.

Our RF monitoring and geolocation systems can also be used in law enforcement applications including:

  • Intelligence gathering – analyze even the hardest to detect RF signals with our high-fidelity RFeye Recorder
  • Border security – monitor the spectrum across sea and land borders
  • Drone detection, location, identification and operator positioning

Our systems can be used by a wide range of customers for a variety of applications. Find out more in the applications below or contact us if you have another spectrum security application you’d like to discuss.

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Protecting your secure facilities

Forensic analysis

Discover hidden signals of interest across the entire spectrum

Maritime security

Border security

Combating Drones