Keeping sensitive data secret

IP (Intellectual Property) is the most valuable asset of many high-tech and pharmaceutical companies. However, IP theft is estimated to cost the US economy alone over $180 billion a year. IP theft may be state-sponsored or carried out by a competitor and can be executed using a range of human, electronic and cyber data exfiltration techniques. It is therefore essential that IP-reliant organizations have rigorous InfoSec (Information Security) procedures including physical, cyber and electronic measures, as well as staff training and even vetting.

in building security

Not all security threats can be prevented entirely. In this case, you need to be able to detect the problem to do something about it. Surveillance allows security risks to be detected as well as providing a deterrent to hostile actors. That means network surveillance to detect cyber threats, security cameras to detect physical incursions and spectrum monitoring to detect any suspicious transmissions in the non-visible RF spectrum.

Unexpected transmissions in the RF spectrum can be indicative of covert surveillance or data exfiltration devices which may be used for theft of intellectual property. TSCM (Technical Surveillance Countermeasures) can be used to detect such devices.

For  sensitive facilities with many people/deliveries entering and leaving the building each day, there is a need for a system which can keep watch over the RF spectrum 24/7 with minimal impact on day-to-day operations.

24/7 Peace of Mind

Our RFeye Guard system provides a network of intelligent RF monitoring Nodes to help give you 24/7 assurance that your IP is secure.

This system operates autonomously in the background, meaning that smooth operation of day-to-day activities need not be compromised for security. The system can provide real-time alerts to security staff on detection of an unusual signal. Using our in-building POA (Power on Arrival) geolocation system, you can then see where the signal is coming from. Not only does this allow the threat to be quickly dealt with before any damage is done, but by cross referencing with CCTV data it may allow the person responsible for laying a device to be identified.

RFeye Guard gives you true peace of mind that your IP is protected by providing real-time, 24/7 evidence of the absence of any RF threats.

This system provides one important piece of the security puzzle and should be used in conjunction with 24/7 video surveillance and cybersecurity systems. Our software can be readily integrated with 3rd party systems to provide an all-in-one picture to security staff.