Wideband I/Q recording and analysis

The RFeye SenS Portable RF spectrum recorder is designed for the operator who needs to capture and analyze signals in high fidelity across a wide frequency range. It allows you to capture intermittent, low-power and short-duration signals, even if these signals occur outside of working hours or hide next to other transmission sources.

RF recording challenges

Recording RF presents several challenges, especially when you need to record signals in the field.

  • You don’t always know the exact time the signal will occur, so you’ll need long-duration recording.
  • You need to be able to view signals hiding within a potentially noisy RF background, so you’ll need high-bandwidth, high-fidelity, low-noise systems.
  • You may need to record signals in remote environments, so you’ll need a system with low size, weight and power for portability.

Most real-time spectrum analyzers have minimal recording capability, or even none at all. Some just record snippets; others need a separate recorder. Many systems that offer recording have minimal signal fidelity, limited bandwidth and high noise. Even if you do have a fully featured desktop system, it’s often too heavy and bulky to carry into the field or lug around a building. When combined with high power requirements, this means that traditional systems are less than ideal for use on the move.

RFeye SenS Portable

The RFeye SenS Portable is a lightweight, extremely high-resolution RF recorder. It can continuously stream full-rate, 16-bit I/Q data to built-in, enterprise-class SSDs, so you’ll never miss a signal. With a frequency range of up to 8 GHz or 18 GHz and a 100-MHz IBW, SenS captures and records data with a much higher level of fidelity than can be achieved by other systems.

SenS advantages

Low SWaP

  • Lightweight, highly portable
  • 6.4 TB and 12.8 TB options: 7 lbs, 6 oz (3.4 kg)
  • 25.6 TB option: 7 lbs, 11 oz (3.5 kg)
  • 277 x 126 x 165 mm

High fidelity

  • 1 Hz resolution, 100 MHz IBW
  • 9 kHz to 8 or 18 GHz range

Large data storage

  • Built-in configurable storage from 6.4 to 25.6 TB (up to 12 hours of data at 100 MHz IBW)

Powerful ‘Big Data’ analysis software

  • Rapidly identify key signals across terabytes of data
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I/Q analysis


Precision signal extraction for RF spectrum data

DeepView is an RF signal analysis tool that controls the SenS Portable. It can quickly identify key signals across terabytes of data without forcing an operator to wade through hours of recording. It captures and exports ultra-short pulses and other signals of interest (SOIs), drastically reducing post-processing time.

Export and playback

  • Record and export captures of I/Q in .xdat, .rfiq and .siq file formats
  • Export chart data in JSON format
  • Playback the whole dataset or selected sections on I/Q
  • Designed for interoperability with other systems
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Interference hunting

  • Find sporadic or unpredictable interference with highly sensitive, long-duration RF recording and gather full signal data for evidentiary purposes:
    • Test ranges, satellite communications, airports, sensitive electronics testing

Test and measurement

  • Avoid service failures by thoroughly testing vital equipment in a range of environments
    • 5G development, military communications networks
  • Ensure end user safety by testing with real-world signals:
    • Autonomous vehicles, medical technology, industry 4.0

Signals intelligence (SIGINT)

  • Extract communications intelligence from faint signals or those hiding next to larger, “louder” signals to feed to 3rd-party decryption software
  • Create library of recorded known and unknown signals for playback within laboratory testing environment for testing of future receivers / jamming systems
  • Build and develop RF signal libraries for signal classification and exploitation, e.g., adversary C4ISR platforms, radar signals, drones or IED detonation attempts
Interference hunting

Radar Testing

  • Capture radar output for analysis and countermeasure development
  • On ranges, capture reflection from the target to ensure radar detection system is reporting correct return
  • Playback I/Q into 3rd-party systems


  • Space payload test systems:
    • Capture of RF data signals to examine transmission issues
  • Satellite communications:
    • Monitor for interference on data transmission signals
    • Capture signals for analysis

Rack-mounted solutions

As well as the portable solution, CRFS can also offer rack-mounted solutions to stream and record data over longer periods or wider bandwidths.  Node Plus+ can stream and record I/Q data with an IBW of 100+ MHz, and for even greater IBW we offer a customized build service. If you’re interested in rack-mounted or wider-bandwidth options, please get in touch.

RFeye SenS Portable

Lightweight system with an IBW of up to 100 MHz

RFeye Node Plus+

Rugged deployable system with an expandable IBW

I/Q recorder rack options

Tailor-made rack-mounted recorder