Automated spectrum management

RFeye Mission is CRFS’s flagship solution for automated spectrum management operations. It enables spectrum stakeholders to derive useful and actionable intelligence from their deployed RFeye receivers without the need for teams of RF experts. It has been designed for use with RFeye assets deployed over wide areas such as ranges, test sites, borders and cities and also for small networks such as in-building TSCM monitoring.

RFeye Mission is controlled via a web browser interface. It enables the automated scheduling of spectrum monitoring tasks to be performed without the need for the user to view a “wall of spectrum data.” Sweeps, scans and surveys can be quickly set up, and authorized transmitters, operating zones and geolocations are clearly displayed as well as incidents and alarms as they happen.

Automated spectrum management

Key features


Automatically geolocate signals of interest based on frequency, bandwidth, signal location, time and power.


Spectrum reports

Generate reports and data captures, including Signal Power reports, Signal Occupancy reports and Sweep data.

Spectrum reports

Automated spectrum tasks

Automate spectrum tasks such as sweeps, occupancy scans, time scans, geolocation scans and signal surveys.

Simple visualization tools

RFeye Mission uses a standard web browser interface to provide clear, simple views of the RF environment.

RFeye Mission

Zones of interest/geo-fences

As well as monitoring signals of interest, you can also set up specific geographic zones. These zones can trigger alerts and activities if a signal moves into or out of the zone.

Central receiver management

Maintaining and updating firmware and software on remote RF receivers can be challenging, but with RFeye Mission it can all be done centrally and automatically.

Air Defense Package (3D TDOA and ballistics)

Airborne targets can be individually identified, and flight characteristics determined (including heading, speed, flight path, and altitude).

Signal of Interest (SOI) Detector Package

Specifically target single channel or multi-channel signals you are interested in, including pulse signals such as ADS-B or Air-to-Air (A2A) and Air-to-Ground (A2G) tactical data links.

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RFeye Mission architecture

RFeye Mission consists of a family of integrated technologies:

Mission Manager – The core user interface software. It enables network management, database management, automatic geolocation (via GMP Group Mission Processor) and the user interface.
RFeye Nodes and Arrays – High performing rugged RF receivers.
Node Software – Enabling autonomous communication and advanced signal collection (EMP – Embedded Mission Processor, NCP – Node Control Protocol, PHD – Phone Home Daemon).
RFeye Site – Manual spectrum monitoring and geolocation that can feed data directly into Mission Manager.
Mission Integrator– Connects via REST API (using JSON-formatted data), to allow 3rd party applications to feed other data sets and geolocation sources directly into RFeye Mission.

RFeye Mission architecture
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Test ranges and military bases

Automated spectrum management and monitoring on military test ranges and bases

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