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RFeye Mission is CRFS’s flagship software suite for automated spectrum operations. It enables spectrum stakeholders to derive useful and actionable intelligence from their deployed RFeye receivers without the need for teams of RF experts. It has been designed for use with RFeye assets deployed over wide areas such as ranges, test sites, borders, cities or even whole countries. Our web browser interface is lightweight and enables fast, easy and secure queries, searches, real-time sweeps and geolocations over IP from any web-enabled device. The unique architecture of RFeye Mission allows software operations to be distributed between the deployed nodes and a central network operations server to optimize performance and speed and manage any bandwidth limitations.

Key features of RFeye Mission include:

  • Automated scheduling, missions, tracking and reporting
  • Spectrum data available from anywhere in the world using any browser-enabled device
  • Network operations portal with advanced asset management, security and permissions tools
  • Real-time 2D and 3D geolocation tools
  • Interface parsers for IFDS- and CSV-format range schedule data
  • Cross-checking of identified transmission sources against frequency resource records (PUB) and other license database sources
  • Machine interface to third-party systems using REpresentational State Transfer (REST)

Embedded Mission Processor

The Embedded Mission Processor (EMP) is a powerful function that resides on the RFeye Nodes themselves. It allows high-speed distributed processing based on commands sent by the RFeye Mission Manager. This is particularly effective for tasks such as pulse detection and signal classification, where processing is required on the edge of the network, by reducing backhaul requirements and making the distributed sensing network extremely efficient.

Group Mission Processor

The Group Mission Processor (GMP) is a powerful server that hosts all the functionality and capability offered by expert systems such as RFeye Site with the added ability of handling large numbers of incoming data streams. This is particularly useful for complex tasks such as geolocation, alongside missions where a large number of data streams must be combined with intensive signal-processing computations, all in real time.

Mission Manager

The Mission Manager provides a powerful Network Operations Centre (NOC) for managing multiple networks of RFeye Nodes. The main control interfaces include:

Human Interface – Authenticated, browser-based front end to the integrated database, allowing network management. Operators can analyze the database, set up schedules and view real-time data within the browser session.

Machine Interface – Authenticated REST interface capable of the same functions as the human interface, but responsive to M2M commands for easy integration with other systems.

WebApps Interface The WebApps Server provides a quick and easy interface for remote monitoring by pushing spectral information directly to a web browser page, so that RFeye Node signal data can be viewed remotely on any device with a web browser.

Mission Integrator

The Mission Integrator is a suite of software tools (SDK), which allow advanced users to communicate directly with the EMP, and therefore command operations on individual RFeye Nodes, using M2M commands. This is a powerful capability, extending integration of your Mission system into existing and future technical implementations.

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