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DeepView -RF forensic analysis software


RF Spectrum Analyzer Software: Fast forensic analysis of RF spectrum data

RFeye DeepView software is the ultimate forensic tool for searching through multi-terabyte datasets for signals of interest. Designed for use with the Sen Range of RF recorders, it allows you to control and record with multiple receiver channels. You can dig deep in to the spectrum to find and analyze low power, short pulsed, co-channel or frequency hopping signals.

DeepView can automatically index and store full-rate I/Q data in real time ready for fast in-depth post-analysis in order to search for signals of interest; greatly minimizing post-processing and analysis time. With Deepview you can find signals faster, saving you time, money and ensuring you never miss a signal.

There are five signal views available in RFeye DeepView’s spectrum overview:

  • Dataset Overview: Displays the overview of all the IQ data currently loaded for analysis; Time (sec), against Frequency (MHz). You can select a particular area in the Dataset Overview to be displayed in the Analysis Region Overview chart for further detailed analysis.
  • Analysis Region Overview: This displays the spectrogram of the dataset currently selected in the Dataset Overview. Time (msec), against Frequency (MHz). As the selected area in the Dataset Overview changes, the data displayed here will also change.
  • Analysis Region Spectrum: Displays the heatmap display of the selected analysis region analysis region selected in the Dataset Overview; Power (dBm) against Frequency (MHz).
  • Time Cursor Spectrum: This displays the snapshot spectrum which is currently selected by the time cursor in the Analysis Region Overview and the Power/Time charts. Power (dBm) against Frequency (MHz). The data displayed in the chart reflects the spectrum at a particular time slot depending on the position of the time cursor in the other two charts.
  • Power/Time chart: This displays the region selected in the Dataset Overview in time-domain. It also shows a time cursor that can be dragged to a desired location using the mouse pointer.

Once you have found your signal of interest you can take measurements of the frequency and duration and export the I/Q of the signal for further analysis or demodulation.

When you need to find a transmission within the congested RF Spectrum, DeepView gives you the power to quickly and easily discover, analyze and extract signals of interest. To learn more, watch the introduction to DeepView video.

DeepView Video

  • View Terabytes of IQ data as a time-spectrogram and as a spectrum heatmap
  • Live mode allows direct control of recording with the RFeye Portable Recorder from within DeepView and seamless switching between record and analysis
  • Interactively zoom and scroll in real time down to individual sample level
  • Export digitally tuned and filtered sections of IQ data
  • Comprehensive and correlated analysis of time/frequency/amplitude/phase information for signals of interest
  • Playback the whole dataset or selected sections of IQ data
  • Load single IQ files or complete directories
  • Marker and delta-marker functionality shared with the live recording view
  • No limitation on file duration

DeepView is a Windows Desktop application and for best performance requires a high-specification PC or Windows Server:

  • Intel quad-core i7 processor
  • RAM 16 GB or 32 GB
  • Thunderbolt 3 port for controlling the RFeye Portable Recorder (where used)
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