CRFS sign agreement with Metis Aerospace for airborne platforms

Boeing RC-135

Cambridge, UK, 12th November 2014: CRFS has entered an agreement with Metis Aerospace to supply RFeye® Nexus receivers for integration into Metis’s HYPERION system for high accuracy airborne and ground based mobile COMINT/SIGINT applications. HYPERION is a lightweight, compact and a cost-effective solution for most air platforms from small UAVs up to multi-mission manned platforms. Importantly, it is also free from ITAR restrictions.

CRFS’s state-of-the-art RFeye Nexus receiver provides 100 MHz real-time bandwidth with full rate IQ recording/data streaming with fast bandwidth search and a frequency range from 10 kHz to 18 GHz. The receiver has an outstanding noise figure, excellent dynamic range and industry-leading sweep speed.

Tony Burnell, Development & Sales Director at Metis commented: “We believe that the RFeye Nexus is the ideal receiver for HYPERION given its class-leading performance, price and design for integration. It is very flexible for networking and works very well with the modular and scalable HYPERION platform. HYPERION is designed to be used standalone or as part of a network of RF sensors to provide a wide range of detection, geolocation, tracking and exploitation options using low bandwidth efficient data backhaul.”

Nick Balon, General Manager at CRFS added: “Metis Aerospace is a very good partner for us to exploit the power and capability of the RFeye Nexus in airborne deployments. By working together, Metis and CRFS will be able to offer fully networked interoperable solutions using airborne HYPERION systems and ground-based RFeye systems.”

Image is of the UK's first Rivet Joint Surveillance Aircraft.

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CRFS pioneered the concept of remote, distributed, real-time networks of spectrum sensors for continuous 24/7 monitoring of the RF environment. The RFeye range of products are used to improve the efficiency of modern-day spectrum usage, resolve complex interference issues and help secure critical buildings, sites and installations.

CRFS is headquartered in Cambridge, UK with offices in the USA and a large network of agents and distributors around the world.

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