Cambridge, UK, 7th May 2014: CRFS, the world’s leading provider of distributed RF spectrum monitoring and surveillance systems under its RFeye® brand, has today announced the successful deployment of a spectrum monitoring and radio geolocation network at a major U.S. Army test site.

The fully integrated system consists of a number of fixed RFeye Direction Finding Arrays and TDOA-capable RFeye Nodes. These are distributed over large areas and networked to provide continuous 24/7 real-time site monitoring together with rapid radio location of potential interference or threat sources at this high-level secure site. In addition, the system provides full data logging and recording capability for post-analysis as well as intelligence on spectrum usage, occupancy and efficiency, for use with other military systems.

Malcolm Levy, Vice President for CRFS in the Americas explained: “The integration went very smoothly and the units were deployed and networked quickly and efficiently. On the same day our customer was able to bring the software up and connect to the remote RFeye Nodes and Arrays to start geolocating using TDOA (time difference of arrival) and AOA (angle of arrival) techniques. The network continuously sweeps the RF environment and enables the Spectrum Operations team to detect and analyze signals of all types and accurately geolocate their source. This Army site is a great showcase for the extensive capabilities of the RFeye system and the benefits of remote distributed RF monitoring.”

About CRFS

CRFS pioneered the concept of remote, distributed, real-time networks of spectrum sensors for continuous 24/7 monitoring of the RF environment. The RFeye range of products are used to improve the efficiency of modern-day spectrum usage, resolve complex interference issues and help secure critical buildings, sites and installations.

CRFS is headquartered in Cambridge, UK with offices in the USA and a large network of agents and distributors around the world.

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