CRFS’s Cumulative Tracking feature allows single or multiple transmitters to be located in complex multi-path environments using just a single antenna array

RFeye software facilitates single receiver geolocation with its AOA Cumulative Tracking feature. As shown in the image below, a location is gradually built up over time using the multiple Lines Of Bearing obtained as the vehicle-mounted receiver moves.

Left to right: Antenna Array, Array mounted in vehicle roofbox, Cumulative tracking in RFeye Site software

In addition, the quality thresholding function allows poor quality multipath signals to be ignored, retaining only those for which the DF vehicle has a good line of sight to the transmitter, minimizing bearing uncertainty and taking full advantage of the variable receiver position.

Cumulative AOA is implemented seamlessly with our other geolocation capabilities. Cumulative AOA can therefore be combined with our Multitarget Tracking feature for a truly powerful system capable of geolocating multiple targets with a single mobile antenna array.

Left to right: Setting up 75% quality threshold on AOA, Map showing two targets cumulatively tracked by a single receiver, Spectrum with AOA processing windows

Cumulative Tracking is included as a standard feature in RFeye software and is available to existing users now.