RFeye Backpack

RFeye® Backpack is a mission-ready integrated solution for discreet spectrum surveillance in urban or security-critical locations.


  • On-board GPS receiver
  • Embedded Linux system
  • RFeye System Software
  • 0.5 TB internal SSD
  • Up to 6 hours on one battery
  • 6 kg approx.
  • Optional handheld wand & tablet for pinpointing signals


  • Precision time & location data
  • Multi-mission capability
  • Stand-alone & network capability
  • Log data to disk for analysis
  • Extended field operations
  • Lightweight and mobile

Receiver specifications

Frequency range
10 MHz to 6 GHz

Front panel

RF inputs
4 x SMA connectors
Ports 1 to 4
Switchable over entire range

Receiver performance

As per Node 20-6

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