Continuous TSCM monitoring

The RFeye® Guard continuous TSCM (Technical Surveillance Countermeasures) monitoring system is a cost-effective alternative to bug sweeping strategies with guaranteed detection 24/7, 365 days a year.

If you are concerned about potential threats to the security of your facility, your private conversations, your plans and secrets, why settle for partial assurance when you can have complete assurance? RFeye Guard is an integrated continuous monitoring and threat geolocation system using indoor and outdoor RFeye sensors, high accuracy wired synchronization system and automated software for building and facility security control.

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RFeye Guard system in operation

RFeye Guard system components

The RFeye Guard system is highly scalable according to different customer requirements and different size facilities. All RFeye Guard packages include:

  • Software
  • SyncLinc wired synchronization system
  • Sensors (the number of sensors will depend on the size of your facility)

The threats

Modern surveillance technologies are highly discreet, highly capable and very difficult to locate; they are often able to evade the methods of traditional TSCM sweeps. Devices which only transmit in short infrequent bursts or are 'hidden' close to a high power signal are just a couple of examples of how eavesdropping devices can be placed to avoid detection by your sweep teams.

The applications

From commercial organizations looking to protect Intellectual Property to diplomatic buildings and data centers, there are a vast number of environments where continuous TSCM is vital. If your application doesn't quite fit into any of the areas below, feel free to get in touch for a tailored discussion around your specific requirements.

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