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RFeye SyncLinc


Continuous TSCM monitoring and geolocation requires precise timing synchronization between the Nodes. In indoor deployments where a GPS signal is generally not available, CRFS’s proprietary SyncLinc™ provides exceptional timing accuracy.

  • Synchronize RFeye Nodes where GPS is unavailable
  • Ideal for continuous TSCM monitoring
  • Cat5 or optical
  • Snyclinc

High accuracy synchronization

SyncLinc allows multiple RFeye Nodes to be time-synchronized together. The goal is to allow each node to capture data within one sampling clock cycle of another, by distributing an accurate timing reference from a master sensor to a group of slave sensors.

This highly accurate common timing reference allows advanced correlative operations, including high accuracy Power On Arrival (POA) geolocation with indoor Nodes, retaining the full performance of the RFeye Node, even for transient and low-power signals.

The SyncLinc system operates over an internal network that it is independent of the data transfer network. The use of a wired network in this way allows accurate timing control of the RFeye Nodes in deployments where a GPS signal is not available (for example inside buildings). Both Ethernet (Cat 5) and optical versions are available to match different deployment restrictions. Distribution modules with 4 and 8 Slave ports are available, and distribution modules can be chained.


Expansion modules *
Copper module RFeye expansion port (IEEE 1394 Firewire) to RJ45 (Cat 5 cable)
Optical module RFeye expansion port (IEEE 1394 Firewire) to SFP (optical only) **
Distribution modules
Slave ports RJ45 1 Master to 8 Slave ports RJ45
Optical module 1 Master to 8 Slave ports SFP **
* One expansion module (either copper or optical) required per RFeye Node. Cannot mix copper / optical SyncLinc in a single system: use exclusively all copper or all optical.
** Supports optical SFPs only, these may be ordered separately from CRFS.
Cable length
Copper SyncLinc Up to 100 metres
Optical SyncLinc Up to 10km (depending on optical SFP module / MMF / SMF)
Timing Resolution
Resolution 100ns
Expansion modules 80 x 60 x 25mm, 100g
Distribution modules
4-way copper 120 x 104 x 25mm, 300g
8-way copper 180 x 104 x 25mm, 450g
8-way optical 180 x 104 x 25mm, 450g (not incl. SFP modules)
Power supply
Power supply 12VDC, 2A PSU included for Distribution modules
Operating temperature -30 to +55 °C (-22 to 131 °F)
Storage rating -40 to +70 °C (-40 to 158 °F )
Ingress protection IP40

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