Suspended ceiling kit, providing discreet, maintenance-free spectrum monitoring

  • Integrated RF solution
  • Ready for installation
  • 24/7 operation
  • Multi-mission capability
  • Simple to install & maintain
  • Minimal heat to dissipate
  • Ceiling Node

Discreet spectrum monitoring

The Indoor Ceiling Mounting Kit from CRFS comes pre-assembled and ready for installation into a suitable suspended ceiling. The omni antenna, RFeye Node and SyncLinc module are all contained in an unobtrusive housing to fit into any office environment.

The ceiling kit has been designed to work with the RFeye Guard solution, to enable continuous TSCM monitoring in secure or sensitive buildings.

The exact configuration of the Node components within the ceiling kit will depend on your needs and application.

Omnidirectional antenna
Frequency range 100 MHz to 18 GHz
Tile dimension options
Standard ceiling tile 600 mm x 600 mm
US ceiling tile 24″ x 24″ (610 mm x 610 mm)

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