CRFS is pleased to introduce RFeye Mobile, a fully standalone and cost-effective spectrum monitoring solution for collection, management and analysis of very large spectrum data sets. The Radiocommunications Agency of the Netherlands has successfully used RFeye Mobile since 2009 and has described it as the “biggest breakthrough in spectrum monitoring of the last decade.”

Click here for a case study with further details on the Radiocommunication Agency’s experience with RFeye Mobile.

RFeye Mobile comprises high-performance mobile/portable RFeye receivers (available in various system configurations) and RFeye DAS (Data Analysis System), a powerful relational database software product that enables efficient visualisation and analysis of collected data and report generation. RFeye Mobile has been developed specifically to meet the needs of spectrum regulatory agencies. It produces detailed maps of spectrum usage from national level down to individual street locations that enable regulators to understand and anticipate “pinch” points and vulnerabilities, monitor compliance, identify and monitor trends over the long term. It provides a unique view of spectrum usage that can greatly inform policy and improve regulatory planning and decision making. In addition, it is a valuable tool for licence enforcement teams who can carry out background research on a given location prior to any site visit.