CRFS, the Cambridge developer of RF spectrum monitoring and surveillance systems, is pleased to announce the appointment of Steve Blades as VP, International Sales. Steve is the latest of a number of senior hires to CRFS which is enjoying very significant year-on-year growth. CRFS offers a range of cost-effective, high performance RFeye® products and solutions with unique multi-user, multi-mission capabilities.

Steve Blades is a seasoned sales & marketing professional with almost 20 years’ international experience in the microwave components and systems business. Formerly with Cobham Antenna Systems, RadioWaves and Stratex Networks (now Aviat Networks), he has delivered significant sales growth across Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia.

General Manager, Nick Balon commented: “We are delighted to have Steve on board. He has a great reputation in the industry and is extremely customer-focused. Steve is excited about the huge potential for the RFeye and he has the skills and dynamism to drive our sales growth across EMEA and Asia Pacific. We see many opportunities across our key markets of regulatory, security & surveillance and military spectrum operations. Steve will help us to strengthen our sales and support channels across the region to ensure that we can offer our international customers the very best products and service.”


About CRFS

CRFS is a leading producer of systems and solutions for continuous real-time spectrum monitoring, surveillance, and interference management. Its range of RFeye® products was designed from the ground up to meet specific application requirements and sets a new standard of performance and cost-effectiveness. The product range includes hardware, software and fully integrated solutions. The company has its headquarters in Cambridge UK and a subsidiary in California with a growing network of partners, distributors and agents around the world.

About RFeye®

RFeye is different from anything else in the market. Its RF performance and sensitivity is exceptional and compares with that of benchtop analyser equipment. Its speed of sweep is comparable with that of high-end SIGINT receivers with very high probability of signal intercept across all monitored frequencies. The RFeye is fully autonomous and remotely programmable with its own built-in intelligence in the form of a Linux PC. It can perform multi-layered tasks ranging from general background monitoring to specific missions for frequencies of special interest or geolocation techniques such as TDOA, POA and AOA. All of this capability is packaged in a ruggedised IP67-rated housing designed for the most hostile of environments, and the whole unit can be held in the palm of your hand and weighs less than 5 lb. It is low power and can run off multiple power sources including battery-backed solar cells. The RFeye can be deployed standalone or can form part of a remote distributed network where each unit is an intelligent node that can make decisions and prioritise tasks, communicate with and assign tasks to other nodes in the network, flag warnings and trigger alarms. It can log data to local memory or relay back to a centre. CRFS manufactures the RFeye using the latest volume manufacturing techniques which means that it can be sold at a lower price than even standard receivers on the market.