Marty Mosier

CRFS is expanding its Fairfax, VA operations to support a range of US DoD programs with

commercial-off-the-shelf, SWaP-C optimised, real-time RF solutions. The appointment of Marty Mosier as General Manager CRFS Inc. will strengthen its position and reputation as a trusted supplier and partner to US government in the regulatory, security, defence and aerospace sectors. Marty comes with over 25 years of relevant industry experience with previous leadership roles at X-COM Systems, Trident Systems and Orbital Sciences Corporation across Electronic Warfare (EW), Signals Intelligence (SIGINT), Unmanned Air Systems (UAS) and satellite launch vehicles, as well as a strong technical background including as a design engineer on various US Navy projects.

Marty Mosier commented: “I led X-COM Systems’s activity as an integrator and value-added reseller of CRFS products and over the past 3 years I got to know CRFS’s products and team very well. I believe that CRFS’s product range fits exactly the pressing current needs of many branches of government and the military: best-in-class receiver technology with high probability of intercept; rugged SWaP-C systems designed for remote deployment; outstanding real‑time software for signals analysis and emitter geolocation. All of which can be deployed as fixed distributed networks or on ground vehicle, airborne or naval platforms. I am excited to be given this opportunity to lead the CRFS team.”

In addition, Jim Wargo has joined CRFS as Senior Applications Engineer.

Jim WargoJim has also worked extensively with CRFS products at X-COM Systems and will head up the CRFS Inc. applications and integration team. This greatly enhances CRFS’s ability to provide its customers with fully integrated solutions, including hardware, software and vehicle systems. Prior to X-COM Systems, Jim was an Engineering Manager at Northrop Grumman for 15 years and led their RF engineering department in Amherst NY for 8 years. Jim comes with a strong background in high fidelity RF recording systems and Electronic Warfare threat stimulators.

CRFS plans further expansion in Fairfax, VA during 2016 with additional resources in local manufacturing and integration.


About CRFS
CRFS is a leader in real-time RF spectrum monitoring solutions for regulatory, defence, aerospace and security agencies. Applications include spectrum management and enforcement, remote site and perimeter monitoring, real-time situational awareness, threat detection and signals intelligence. The RFeye® range includes best-in-class networkable receivers and nodes designed for remote, distributed, continuous 24/7 monitoring of the RF environment. Powerful data analytics and visualisation tools provide actionable intelligence in complex and critical RF environments.

CRFS has operations in Fairfax VA and Cambridge UK and a large network of dealers and distributors around the world.

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