Cambridge, UK, 24th March 2015, CRFS, the world’s leading provider of distributed RF spectrum intelligence systems, is pleased to announce the appointment of Filip Žganec as Regulatory Sales Manager.

CRFS aims to increase awareness of the benefits of continuous real-time spectrum monitoring amongst spectrum regulatory authorities. CRFS’s range of networkable RFeye® receivers and direction finders offer high performance, ITU compliance and an extremely cost-effective alternative to traditional spectrum monitoring systems. CRFS has recently become a member of the International Telecommunication Union and will be represented by Mr. Žganec within Study Group 1.

Filip Žganec was previously Head of Spectrum Monitoring at the Croatian regulator, Hakom. He is an experienced radiocommunications engineer with a strong background in spectrum monitoring and management, frequency and network planning. He has over a decade of experience in electronic communications at a national and international level and as a member of EBU, CEPT and ITU workgroups.

Steve Blades, VP International Sales at CRFS, comments: “Filip brings the experience, insights and contacts of a regulatory insider to CRFS. As Head of Spectrum Monitoring in Croatia, he was responsible for the design and implementation of a nationwide Frequency Monitoring and Radiolocation System. He is ideally positioned to help our regulatory customers define and implement specific national and regional spectrum monitoring solutions. Building on our success in supplying a large scale network to the Brazilian regulator, CRFS is very well positioned to take on the market incumbents. We aim to provide the best value integrated spectrum monitoring and management solutions with significant cost advantages and without compromise on performance.”

About CRFS

CRFS pioneered the concept of remote, distributed, real-time networks of spectrum sensors for continuous 24/7 monitoring of the RF environment. The RFeye range of products are used to improve the efficiency of modern-day spectrum usage, resolve complex interference issues and help secure critical buildings, sites and installations.

CRFS is headquartered in Cambridge, UK with offices in the USA and a large network of agents and distributors around the world.

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