13th April 2018 Cambridge, UK – CRFS, a global leader in RF spectrum monitoring technology, launches its RFeye Guard system to deliver continuous in-building monitoring of modern surveillance threats. Based on a broad-spectrum monitoring technology more often found on the battlefield, RFeye Guard is designed for use in Government, high-value Corporate, Banking, National Critical Infrastructure, IP-sensitive and Data Center environments.

Bugging and eavesdropping devices are no longer only the domain of intelligence services but are available freely online and with high sophistication at very low cost. As such, the issue of technical surveillance countermeasures (TSCM) has become a corporate-level problem. RFeye Guard is a fixed TSCM system designed to identify the presence of transmitting devices, which may operate anywhere within a vast range of radio frequencies. The system identifies electronic devices transmitting from within buildings, tirelessly capturing events which may be in the form of continuous or burst transmissions.

Traditional TSCM strategies rely on the use of sweep teams who enter a building and search individual areas for the presence of transmitters.

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“Sweep teams can be successful if devices happen to be transmitting when the sweep takes place. However, more modern devices do not usually transmit continuously. Instead, they transmit in short infrequent bursts designed to evade detection,” said Nick Balon, General Manager CRFS. “Installed in a room, the RFeye Guard system remains permanently vigilant for RF signals which could sit anywhere within a range of few kHz up to many GHz. It alerts users to the device’s presence, and even indicates where in a room the signal source originated from. We know that minimizing false alarms is important to users, so our indoor/outdoor signal differentiation feature also means that innocent use of mobile phones on the street outside can be distinguished easily from real eavesdropping threats inside the building.”

The RFeye Guard system is available from CRFS and its global distribution partners. The system can be easily scaled from single rooms through to entire office blocks. For more information, contact CRFS.

About CRFS

CRFS is a leader in real-time RF spectrum-monitoring solutions for regulators, defense, security agencies and spectrum operations. Applications include spectrum management and enforcement, remote site and perimeter monitoring, real-time situational awareness, threat detection and signals intelligence. The RFeye® range includes best-in-class networkable receivers and nodes designed for remote, distributed, continuous 24/7 monitoring of the RF environment. Powerful data analytics and visualization tools provide actionable intelligence in complex and critical RF environments.

CRFS has offices in Cambridge, UK and Chantilly, Virginia as well as channel partners around the world who can provide local support. Contact us for pricing and availability, or for further information on our market-leading radio receiver technology for regulatory, defense, security and mobile spectrum operations.