Technical FAQs

Address common questions around the CRFS suite of software and range of products 
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How do I license RFeye DeepView?

Once DeepView has been installed, open the software. Look for the three dots on the top-right menu bar. Select Tools and and select License Manager. The "License Manager" window appears. Click to save the *.hid file to the PC. Email the *.hid fi...
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How do I license RFeye Site?

Once installed, open RFeye Site The license window should appear automatically If it does not, click License on the top bar Click Load New License File to upload the .lic file The software will restart to apply the license and will now be ready ...
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How do I license RFeye Mission Manager?

Once Mission Manager is installed, go to the Admin heading on the web interface. In the dropdown menu, click Settings Scroll down to the License sub-heading and save the cluster id as a text file, or copy the text string Send CRFS support the cl...
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How do I license a GMP Server?

Group Mission Processor (GMP) servers are required for nodes to perform synchronous tasks. An example of a synchronous task is a geolocation using three or more nodes. GMP servers can be used in conjunction with a Mission Manager server, or used...
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What is Software Support and Update Service (SSUS)?

Software support and update service (SSUS) is a purchasable package of support and updates for RFeye products. After purchasing SSUS, you can enjoy access to the latest hardware and software updates, in addition to priority support. Three levels...
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Where can I access CRFS Software?

Access to CRFS software is maintained through the CRFS extranet. Customers who have purchased CRFS products will receive a login from CRFS customer support, as well as instructions on how to download the relevant files. Once inside the CRFS extr...
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How do I raise a support ticket?

Please visit the CRFS support ticket request page here: Please fill out the required fields with as much information, images, and files as possible. You can then log in to the CRFS support ticket area where you ca...
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How do I apply a Max Hold on a Spectrum in RFeye Site?

When viewing a spectrum in RFeye Site, a number of different processing options are available to use on the trace. Max hold will display the peak signal level across the band. This information will be overlaid over the live trace. Add a spectrum...
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