New Generation

What do we mean by new generation monitoring and geolocation?

CRFS is at the forefront of new technology for distributed monitoring and geolocation featuring wideband receivers with fast sweep speeds and best-in-class noise figures and phase noise.

New generation solutions combine the best available hardware with the most advanced real-time and post-event measurement and analysis tools.

Our RFeye® systems are compact, rugged, modular, plug and play, weatherproof and have extended temperature ranges.

Our state-of-the-art software tools feature advanced 2D and 3D mapping and geolocation, utilize machine learning techniques for signal classification, and provide simulation and training modes.

Last but not least, new generation solutions must be affordable and CRFS offers outstanding value for money without compromise to performance. We can tailor solutions to individual budgets.


Check out what new generation means in practice by exploring our product range.