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When defense and aerospace system integrators have projects that need the input and RF technology of a trusted third party, they turn to CRFS. We support multiple leading Primes and system integrators with products ranging from sub-components through to complete deployable solutions.

How we work with you

RFeye Outdoor kit
We don’t just offer hardware and software – we are part of the larger solution. We work with you to determine, build and deploy the system that meets your specific needs and those of your customers. We have formed long-term partnerships with many system integrators, working closely with them not only to ensure successful deployment of equipment, but also to develop the specific features and functionality they require. Our approach provides a smooth integration and a successful project. We are clear, responsive, agile and collaborative.

As well as our range of exsiting Nodes, Arrays and software, we also make a range of modules and sub-systems available to system integrators, OEMs and other partners. You can use the RFeye receiver boards and various API’s to integrate the CRFS technology into your own systems and applications.

Available software API’s

RFeye Site

With RFeye Site you can output data directly from Site to feed into your own systems. Outputs include:

  • Protocol Buffers structured Data stream (PBD) for geolocation data
  • Asterix data over TCP or UDP to send out geolocation data for C2 systems
  • IMG stream to render Site’s map externally to a browser client


The Embedded Mission Processor (EMP) is server software which sits on the physical Node. The Representational State Transfer (REST) API, employing JSON-formatted data, allows you to control a single Node to perform a variety of asynchronous / independent tasks simultaneously.

  • Sweep scan – returns sweep data within a frequency range
  • Occupancy scan – returns occupancy percentage within a frequency range
  • Time scan – returns IQ data
  • Signal Survey – returns estimated signal parameters and can classify a signal

The response is then delivered back to your system as a JSON data stream.


The Group Mission Processor (GMP) is a client/server that can control many Nodes to perform group or synchronous tasks. Using the REST API you can task GMP to perform the following tasks:

  • Perform TDOA, AOA, and POA on demand from a collection of Nodes
    • TDOA will produce a heatmap output
  • Perform synchronous sweeps to receive time-synchronized sweep data

The response is then delivered back to your system as a JSON data stream.

RFeye Mission Manager (REST API)

The Mission Manager Server can be controlled via the light-weight, front end Web Application, or can be accessed directly to perform more tasks to perform bespoke customer applications. Not only can the Mission Manager Server be used to effortlessly access the EMP and GMP endpoints, it also has its own features as well:

  • Schedule tasks based on time / frequency,  allowing a user to dynamically create and execute tasks based on conditional factors
  • Remotely query the status of one or more Nodes and produce reports
  • Automatically store massive amounts of data received from either the EMP or GMP
  • Directly feed in data from third-party sources
  • Query the database and extract key subsets of information

The response is then delivered back to your system as an asynchronous JSON data response.

For more information on how to integrate CRFS hardware and software into you solution, please get in touch.

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 Example: EMP Sweep Scan – minimal request

 Example: EMP Sweep Scan – minimal response

Drone Detection (UAS)

Combating the threat of unauthorized drones through spectrum monitoring and geolocation

Electronic Warfare Support

We work with many Primes and integrators supplying them with key components in their SIGINT and EW solutions

Battlefield situational awareness

Border security

Interference hunting during UAV testing & flight