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Discover hidden signals of interest across the entire spectrum

Finding signals of interest in a wide RF spectrum can be challenging, especially if it is a low power, short pulsed, co-channel or a frequency hopping signal. You may also want to know when it occurred, how long it lasted or is it intermittent? These types of signals can be difficult to find with a conventional spectrum analyzer, particularly if you are searching in real time.

CRFS’s DeepView software and RFeye Recorder together help you dig deeper into the data. They let you travel back in time to analyze everything that occurred in the spectrum in high resolution, exactly as it happened. Using deep data analysis tools, you can quickly see through the noise to find, analyze and indentify the signals you’re interested in amongst the terabytes of available data.

Post event analysis and testing

After a test or mission has been completed, you may need to question what exactly happened in the spectrum over that period. Did anything happen to cause interference within your systems? Were there any unexpected signals generated? With DeepView you can quickly scan in 3D through data collected by the Recorder to determine what happened and when. This data can then be used to determine the root cause or create real-world, repeatable environments for further lab-based tests; saving you time, money and delivering actionable intelligence.


Radar analysis measurements

  • Characterize radar signal – Check for regulatory compliance or target detection performance
  • Check for emissions – See if there are any unwanted spurious signals when the radar operates
  • Transient signals – Test for signals that may be related to a radar signal but only present during pulse
  • External signals – See if there are any siganls interfering with or jamming the radar in the field
Analyze radar signals


Security services can be interested in a range of signal types generated by hostile actors. By recording and analyzing the spectrum over time you can determine what signals were generated and where they came from. Further decoding and classification work can then be performed to extract evidential intelligence from the captured signals. Only DeepView is capable of finding those signals, no matter how small they may be

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