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Enabling regulators to manage spectrum more effectively & efficiently

Spectrum is a resource that we are completely reliant upon for a vast array of day-to-day activities, and yet it is one that most take for granted. From making phone calls and watching television, to the GPS navigation complete with live traffic updates in our cars, these all depend on the electromagnetic spectrum and the national regulators who ensure it remains uncongested and interference free. Unauthorized use of spectrum represents not just a nuisance to those who experience dropped calls or poor GPS coverage, but also a serious risk to public safety should interference affect essential emergency communications.

As the number of ‘connected’ devices grow, the RF spectrum will come under increasing pressure. Regulators have a need for innovative ways to monitor and manage spectrum if they are to withstand this.

Fortunately, as the development of technology puts more pressure on the spectrum, the technology designed to monitor and manage it also moves on.

Read more about how RFeye technology is supporting regulatory activities in the application notes below or get in touch if you have an application in mind.

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Hybrid AOA/TDOA geolocation

When it comes to geolocation performance, you don’t need to compromise

Maritime safety and security

Safeguarding essential communications at sea

Direction finding in urban environments

Resolving RF interference at airports

Resolving radar interference

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