Webinar Recording – How to record and extract signals from BIG RF data

This webinar looks into the challenges in recording I/Q data and finding signals of interest among the terabytes of data. It will examine: What is IQ recording and why would we want to use it Problems associated with recording and analysis of large IQ data What to look for when assessing I/Q recorders Technology to simplify the process

Webinar Recording – How to record and extract signals from BIG RF data2020-05-19T12:53:24+00:00

Webinar Recording – How to covertly detect and geolocate airborne objects

We examine the technology behind the passive three-dimensional geolocation technique, 3DTDOA and its use in monitoring airborne threats. This webinar will cover: What is 3DTDOA and why now is the time to use it How to passively extend threat detection range Why intelligence value of 3DTDOA is significantly greater than normal TDOA How 3DTDOA can be used to augment existing radar and C4ISR systems We [...]

Webinar Recording – How to covertly detect and geolocate airborne objects2020-05-12T10:58:19+00:00

Webinar Recording – TDOA – A modern geolocation solution

TDOA (Time Difference of Arrival) has become the modern RF geolocation standard. In this webinar we will cover: How and why TDOA is the new go to RF geolocation method The fundamentals of TDOA The strengths / weaknesses to the system and How modern solutions are reducing the limitations. We will also look at how TDOA and AOA can be combined to create a Hybrid [...]

Webinar Recording – TDOA – A modern geolocation solution2020-06-05T15:35:34+00:00

Webinar Recording – AoA Accuracy – Myths and Legends

AoA (Angle of Arrival) or DF (Direction Finding), is the RF locating weapon of choice for many organizations, in both regulatory and military applications. While an incredibly useful tool, it has its limitations. This webinar will examine the limitations and ways to use the data to ensure you maximize the value of the intelligence you extract from your system. Topics include: Multipath Co-channel interference Instrumental [...]

Webinar Recording – AoA Accuracy – Myths and Legends2020-06-03T07:55:05+00:00

Understanding Multipath

A new training video from CRFS to help users of ‘Radio Direction Finding’ (DF) Arrays understand the importance of multipath. The video animation is designed to help users visualize real world environments in terms of multipath/RF reflections. Different object models are used alongside materials that reflect RF differently to demonstrate the principle.

Understanding Multipath2020-02-21T11:21:17+00:00

CRFS drone detection trials

Demonstrating CRFS's precision drone/UAS detection and tracking system, DroneDefense. DroneDefense is a passive RF sensing system that geolocates drone & operator emissions in 3 dimensions: latitude, longitude and altitude.

CRFS drone detection trials2020-02-21T11:03:06+00:00

Webinar -Automated spectrum management for test ranges and bases

Spectrum managers have an important job, protecting operations at bases, ranges, and facilities and deconflicting interference between civilian (and sometimes military) neighbors. Escalating demands and shrinking resources often make spectrum management an increasing challenge. This webinar will look at how CRFS solutions can help: Automate spectrum management tasks to reduce workloads Enable rapid deconfliction Automatically geolocate sources of interference We will discuss means of managing [...]

Webinar -Automated spectrum management for test ranges and bases2019-07-29T10:34:51+00:00

Terrain analysis planning tool

Terrain analysis tool for optimizing receiver positions in spectrum monitoring and geolocation networks in CRFS's RFeye spectrum monitoring software

Terrain analysis planning tool2019-01-21T15:31:46+00:00

Introduction to DeepView

Mark Champion gives a tour of the CRFS forensic spectrum analysis software, DeepView.

Introduction to DeepView2018-10-04T13:34:49+00:00

Analyzing signals with DeepView Recorder

A quick demonstration of how you can record and analyze signals of interest within the spectrum using RFeye Recorder and the DeepView software

Analyzing signals with DeepView Recorder2018-10-01T16:52:32+00:00
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