EW Live 2021

EW Live will be returning to Estonia in 2021 and once again featuring live field and classroom demonstrations from over 20 companies as well as a new counter drone zone featuring live drone scenarios.

EW Live 20212021-02-26T15:52:55+00:00

Using RFeye Simulation Capabilities for Virtual Training

CRFS simulation tools allow new users to be trained to use RFeye geolocation software in realistic scenarios without requiring real transmitters or receivers to be set up (especially important if wishing to test a scenario involving unlicensed spectrum use without breaking the law yourself!). Our simulation tools allow a network of simulated receivers and transmitters to perform spectrum monitoring tasks just like a real network. [...]

Using RFeye Simulation Capabilities for Virtual Training2018-10-26T15:54:18+00:00

Improving Modeling Accuracy and Precision with LIDAR Data

Make site selection and installation more accurate with fine-tuned propagation analysis Manually setting up and testing receiver networks piece by piece can quickly grow tedious. First, sites must be pre-selected for sufficient line of sight and networkability. Next, fiber lines must be run, or mesh networks set up, and then each receiver must be brought online and tested for connectivity and signal reception. Our digital [...]

Improving Modeling Accuracy and Precision with LIDAR Data2019-06-18T17:15:33+00:00
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