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Interference Hunting and Capture – From FM to 5G

With the RFeye Sens Portable I/Q recorder, it is possible to track down and record even hard-to-find interference sources. So here’s the scenario - you’ve created a brilliant new piece of wirelessly-enabled technology, and you’ve tested it extensively in a laboratory setting. Everything is working perfectly until it makes contact with the real world, at which point, unexplained interference problems begin to occur. As [...]

Interference Hunting and Capture – From FM to 5G2020-06-12T10:01:07+00:00

Geolocation in post-processing

Just seen an interesting transmission appear on your spectrum, but now it’s disappeared? Need to know where it came from, but you weren’t running a geolocation task at the time? Tough luck, it’s gone forever. If you’re lucky, you can sit there staring at your screen and it might pop up again. Sounds ridiculous? That’s what we thought, which is why we’ve developed our geolocation [...]

Geolocation in post-processing2020-01-14T11:53:39+00:00

Thunderbolt™ 3: Next generation connectivity for next generation spectrum monitoring

Radio receiver technology is advancing with larger available instantaneous bandwidths at high resolution. However, for desktop-based or portable systems connected to a PC, this higher performance is constrained by the relatively low speed data transfer capabilities available over USB. CRFS is pioneering Thunderbolt™ 3 connectivity in our portable spectrum monitoring solutions to enable full rate high fidelity 16-bit data transfer is achievable. Many spectrum monitoring [...]

Thunderbolt™ 3: Next generation connectivity for next generation spectrum monitoring2018-10-08T09:22:47+00:00
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