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Understanding Multipath

Quick Read Summary: A new training video from CRFS to help users of 'Radio Direction Finding' (DF) Arrays understand the importance of multipath. The video animation is designed to help users visualize real world environments in terms of multipath/RF reflections. Different object models are used alongside materials that reflect RF differently to demonstrate the principle. View the full animation here RF Training A slightly [...]

Understanding Multipath2020-02-21T11:48:53+00:00

Minimum Detectable Signal and Maximum Detection Range

The minimum detectable signal for a given range, or maximum range for a given signal power, is not as simple a question as one might think. Here we will see how this answer is dependent on a number of mission-dependent factors. Since minimum detectable signal and maximum range are closely related problems, we will focus here on the example of minimum detectable signal. Interfering signals [...]

Minimum Detectable Signal and Maximum Detection Range2018-09-28T12:24:45+00:00

Cumulative Tracking with Direction Finding Vehicles

CRFS’s Cumulative Tracking feature allows single or multiple transmitters to be located in complex multi-path environments using just a single antenna array RFeye software facilitates single receiver geolocation with its AOA Cumulative Tracking feature. As shown in the image below, a location is gradually built up over time using the multiple Lines Of Bearing obtained as the vehicle-mounted receiver moves. Left to right: Antenna Array, [...]

Cumulative Tracking with Direction Finding Vehicles2018-09-28T12:33:01+00:00
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