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How to deal with GPS jamming and spoofing

Expanded and updated, July 2020 From ship navigation to financial transactions, we’re increasingly reliant on GPS (or other GNSS systems, such as Galileo, GLONASS or BDS BeiDou). Jamming and spoofing can therefore cause significant disruption and represent a public safety threat. Fortunately, spectrum monitoring allows detection and location of jammers and the possibility to pre-empt attacks with anti-jamming and anti-spoofing technologies. GPS Jamming [...]

How to deal with GPS jamming and spoofing2020-09-08T10:32:05+00:00

What Distance Can You Detect Drones From?

One of the most frequently-asked questions when discussing our RF drone detection system is: “At what distance are you able to detect drones? How far away can they be and still be picked up by RFeye?” And the answer, as is so often the case, is “it’s complicated” - depending on the conditions, the answer could be anything from many kilometers to tens of [...]

What Distance Can You Detect Drones From?2020-09-22T10:29:48+00:00

Interference Detection in Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is an overarching term used to describe the automation and computerization of industry, and in particular of manufacturing and production processes. Things that seemed like science fiction only a few years ago, like entirely automated factories and processing plants, have now become a reality. Smart warehouses include things like automated packing, automated stocktake, automated vehicles. By removing human elements from the structure entirely, [...]

Interference Detection in Industry 4.02020-09-08T10:57:41+00:00

Interference Hunting and Capture – From FM to 5G

With the RFeye Sens Portable I/Q recorder, it is possible to track down and record even hard-to-find interference sources. So here’s the scenario - you’ve created a brilliant new piece of wirelessly-enabled technology, and you’ve tested it extensively in a laboratory setting. Everything is working perfectly until it makes contact with the real world, at which point, unexplained interference problems begin to occur. As [...]

Interference Hunting and Capture – From FM to 5G2020-09-08T11:01:08+00:00

From the World Cup to F1: Why regulators choose the RFeye Node for major events

We see why the RFeye Node has been a key component in ensuring the success of major global sporting events. Securing the RF spectrum at major events is a crucial part of the national spectrum regulator’s role. Major sporting events such as the Olympics and F1 world Championship can mean big money for governing bodies and hosting countries. The UEFA Euro 2016 tournament in [...]

From the World Cup to F1: Why regulators choose the RFeye Node for major events2020-07-30T10:41:42+00:00

Minimum detectable signal and maximum detection range

The minimum detectable signal for a given range, or maximum range for a given signal power, is not as simple a question as one might think. Here we will see how this answer is dependent on a number of mission-dependent factors. Since minimum detectable signal and maximum range are closely related problems, we will focus here on the example of minimum detectable signal. Interfering [...]

Minimum detectable signal and maximum detection range2020-06-08T11:17:14+00:00
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