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Understanding Multipath

Quick Read Summary: A new training video from CRFS to help users of 'Radio Direction Finding' (DF) Arrays understand the importance of multipath. The video animation is designed to help users visualize real world environments in terms of multipath/RF reflections. Different object models are used alongside materials that reflect RF differently to demonstrate the principle. View the full animation here RF Training A slightly [...]

Understanding Multipath2020-02-21T11:48:53+00:00

How accurate is TDOA geolocation?

TDOA (Time Difference Of Arrival), also known as multilateration, is a well-established technique for the geolocation of RF emitters. Using three or more receivers, TDOA algorithms locate a signal source from the different arrival times at the receivers. We trust that existing users of CRFS’s TDOA geolocation know, from their own experience, that it is very accurate and effective for most signal types. New [...]

How accurate is TDOA geolocation?2020-01-14T17:37:39+00:00

Direction Finding RMS error: Lies, damned lies and statistics

By Filip Zganec, Regulatory Sales Manager, CRFS Is the RMS error of a DF system as important as some manufacturers would have you believe? Some of our competitors go to extraordinary lengths to talk up the significance of 1° RMS error and to get it specified in tenders as the supposed gold standard. Ever wondered why? It’s because they can limit the competition and can [...]

Direction Finding RMS error: Lies, damned lies and statistics2018-11-30T12:14:29+00:00

Droning on about RF?

The growing threat from commercial drones has generated a wave of activity from vendors claiming that RF detection and geolocation offer a complete solution. In this article, we will explore whether RF is really the whole answer. The problem Drone-related incidents in recent years include near misses with passenger aircraft, smuggling contraband goods into prisons the discovery of a drone containing radioactive caesium on [...]

Droning on about RF?2018-11-14T16:21:08+00:00

Mathematical Manipulations: 1000 × Power(1 − 80%) of the performance for 20% of the cost?

CRFS prides itself on its high-performance RFeye® superhet receivers, so when we heard claims of low-cost spectrum analyzers/Software Defined Radio (SDR) receivers with 80% of the functionality of a high-performance receiver for 20% of the price, our curiosity was piqued. We set out to crunch the numbers and see if this 80%/20% claim has any truth to it. Noise figure, or Displayed Average Noise Level (DANL), [...]

Mathematical Manipulations: 1000 × Power(1 − 80%) of the performance for 20% of the cost?2018-09-28T12:29:47+00:00
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