Secure offices

Companies win commercial business through their employees ability to talk, develop, design and plan. From board rooms to engineering labs, critical tactical and strategic decisions are made and discussed in great detail. This is why, in modern business, security has to be a key area of focus. We are all familiar with the need for network security to keep intrusions out, which is perhaps why so many security breaches take place inside the organization.

Why RFeye Guard?

With IP crime related to theft of trade secrets costing the US economy alone $180 billion a year, there is a growing need for organizations to protect themselves against state-sponsored and competitor-instigated industrial espionage.

In a busy work environment, the traditional method of carrying out TSCM sweeps on a periodic basis is not feasible. The level of activity around the office means that a sweep is only really valid for the time it takes place. It is far too easy for an employee to re-activate an electronic surveillance or data exfiltration device after the sweep team has left or indeed for the evening cleaners to place devices on the request of a competitor or foreign government. TSCM sweeps are also highly disruptive to work and will usually require equipment to be switched off.

RFeye Guard monitors a facility 24/7 and in real time to detect RF transmissions which may compromise office security. This system works autonomously in the background with an alert and location provided to security guards if/when a suspect device is detected. The system can be integrated with 3rd party security systems to provide an overall security picture. Often, this will allow RFeye Guard location data to be cross referenced with other sources such as CCTV to identify employees responsible for placing covert devices.

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