Pharmaceutical / Medical

Cyber IP theft is a growing threat with the pharmaceuticals and biotech industries some of the hardest hit. Estimating the cost of IP theft is notoriously difficult, since the financial impact relates not only to the immediate loss of sales, but also factors such as brand reputation and willingness to invest in R&D. With increasing awareness of the need to protect IP from external cyber attacks, it is important to make sure that innovative companies are also looking closer to home. This means ensuring the office environment itself is not compromised by transmitting devices which might make a sophisticated cyber attack unnecessary.

Why RFeye Guard?

Protecting Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) from legal challenges as well as the threat of theft is vital to the success of innovative pharma and biotech companies. Without confidence that innovation will be rewarded, investment into drug research which may go on to save thousands of lives will not be feasible. The importance of legal protection in the form of patents and Non-Disclosure Agreements is well recognized. However, all this effort is at risk of being wasted if a hostile transmitting device has already allowed a rival to steal confidential information and file a patent many months before.

RFeye Guard will continuously monitor the RF environment in and around sensitive research facilities to detect devices which may be used to exfiltrate company confidential information. This might be in the form of compromise of data stored in company servers or video/audio surveillance of meeting rooms. The monitoring takes place autonomously in the background without any disruption to day-to-day activities.

Without RFeye Guard, many pharmaceutical and biotech companies would only discover such a data loss when the rival's patent is published. With RFeye Guard, the threat can be detected, located and removed before any compromise has taken place. In this industry, it's not just the survival of the company itself that may be affected, but the survival of those who would benefit from future innovative drugs.

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