Embassies and diplomatic buildings

In a world of constantly shifting social and political landscapes, it is important that nations have safe spaces to discuss ongoing events and policy both at home and outside home borders. Safe spaces must exist without fear of bugging, interception or eavesdropping technologies. These secure spaces exist within government buildings as well as embassies and other diplomatic buildings such as diplomatic residences. These environments need a solution to ensure those spaces are continually free from transmitting devices and assure absolute freedom to discuss ongoing policy, strategy or intelligence.

Why RFeye Guard?

These buildings need to have complete assurance against eavesdropping and other cyber and electromagnetic threats. An occasional TSCM sweep does not usually provide the peace of mind required since it is easy for devices to be switched off or moved during a sweep and reactivated ahead of an important meeting. Hostile actors are then able to gain information to be used in a manner detrimental to the nation's security or prosperity. In such a scenario the device may be long gone before the data breach is recognized, leaving investigators unable to identify the source or prevent further breaches. Either way, identifying the damage has already been done.

RFeye Guard will autonomously monitor secure government buildings 24/7. This means a surveillance device which is planted immediately before a sensitive meeting will immediately generate an alarm with a location. Not only does this allow the meeting to be secured, but cross referencing of RFeye Guard location data with CCTV or other data sources will often allow the responsible person to be identified.

The state-of-the-art software and RF specifications of RFeye Guard mean that even sophisticated devices using advanced transmission techniques designed to evade detection can be identified and located.

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