Data centers

Data center operators trade in trust. The ability to maintain services and assure data continuity alongside security is essential. Owner operated data centers need to deliver the same level of service, and also consider security as a primary function. Internal data services are more likely to be used for IP or business critical data and processing. Reliance on centralized infrastructure is growing as cloud services and virtual desktops becomes the default computing medium, making security and continuity increasingly dependent on data center resilience.

Why RFeye Guard?

Security breaches in data centers can have massive and far reaching impact on data security and service provision. For this reason, they can have some of the strongest physical and cyber security measures in the world.

One of the easiest ways to prevent security breaches or even accidents such as staff tripping over and pulling out a cable, is to restrict human access to the bare minimum. This usually means invasive TSCM sweeps are not an option. A system like RFeye Guard can be installed in a data center and left to operate autonomously reporting back unusual RF activity to a remote security guard. Unusual RF activity may just be a malfunctioning component or could be a suspect transmission used for data exfiltration. Either way a signal location can be provided allowing further investigation.

The real-time autonomous monitoring of RFeye Guard provides an extra layer of security without introducing any new risk related to human access to the facility.

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