Banking and financial institutions

Banks and other financial institutions are entrusted with a vast amount of consumer and business money and data. In the event of a security breach, the consequences for the affected institution will be loss of reputation and custom in the best case. In the worst case, there could be financial liability into millions of dollars. Even where data breaches are not related to negligent or malicious activities by employees, the organization can still be found liable if regulatory authorities find that best efforts have not been made to protect data. Comprehensive cyber, electromagnetic and physical security measures are essential to minimize risk.

Why RFeye Guard?

Banks and financial institutions need a level of cyber and electromagnetic security that cannot be guaranteed by an occasional TSCM sweep. It is far too easy for a data exfiltration device to be placed or reactivated after a TSCM team has given the all clear and left.

RFeye Guard provides institutions with the 100% assurance they need enabling them to protect data, money and services to the extent their customers expect. The autonomy of the system makes it an easy way to increase security. Once a network of sensors (Nodes) is installed in a building, the system will monitor the RF space 24/7 providing an alert and location to security guards when a suspect device is detected. It can be readily integrated with other 3rd party security systems to form part of an overall security picture.

Guard can also be used to enforce mobile device bans on trading floors. Monitoring of all communications on trading floors is key in the prevention of misconduct such as insider trading. Since this monitoring can be circumvented if traders use their own mobile devices, some banks have begun to implement mobile bans. Employees are not always cooperative with such bans, either due to malicious activity or personal reluctance to be away from their phone. RFeye Guard will seamlessly detect mobile devices and their location in an office without the need to have intensive security measures such as searches and visually monitoring the trading floor.

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