Intelligent networkable spectrum monitoring systems with optimized SWaP for indoors/outdoors and rugged deployment.


High performance COTS wideband and detector modules for defense and aerospace system integrators.


Innovative hybrid geolocation and direction finding solutions for commercial, government and military end users.


Ground-mobile platforms for routine spectrum surveys and rapid-reaction surveillance and monitoring operations.


Rugged backpacks, stormcases and laptops with integrated RFeye receivers and high performance batteries built for portability.


Convenient rugged mounting kits for indoor and outdoor deployments of RFeye Nodes.

DRFM Platforms

Digital Radio Frequency Memory solutions for demanding real-time spectrum operations.


PC and enterprise level software for real-time and database applications using powerful analytics and state-of-the-art graphics and visualization tools.

CRFS provides a comprehensive range of RFeye spectrum monitoring hardware and software systems at various price and performance levels. All our products are designed, engineered and manufactured to exacting standards for robust high performance in the field. At all levels, we focus on providing an excellent RF front end. We aim to provide the best value for money compared with all competitor products in a similar class.

The product range includes entry level systems for dense network deployments through to best-in-class systems for military applications. As well as the industry standard RFeye Nodes for fixed remote distributed monitoring, we supply portable and vehicle based systems and a range of RFeye Arrays that are an extremely cost-effective alternative to traditional direction finders. We also supply state-of-the art receivers and detectors for system integrators in defense and aerospace.