DeepView – RF spectrum analyzer software

Precision signal extraction for RF spectrum data RFeye DeepView software is the ultimate signal extraction tool. Its robust indexing feature allows users to sift through multi-terabyte datasets and quickly find and export signals of interest (SOIs). DeepView extracts SOIs in as small a file as possible, slicing file snippets using both time and frequency limiters to facilitate rapid file transport and smarter data management. [...]

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RFeye Mission

Automated spectrum management RFeye Mission is CRFS’s flagship solution for automated spectrum operations. It enables spectrum stakeholders to derive useful and actionable intelligence from their deployed RFeye receivers without the need for teams of RF experts. It has been designed for use with RFeye assets deployed over wide areas such as ranges, test sites, borders and cities and also for small networks such as [...]

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RFeye Mission for test ranges and bases

Monitoring the RF spectrum is a massive undertaking. As well as dealing with the vast quantity of RF signals present, a spectrum manager needs to know what signals should be there, what shouldn’t, when the signals occurred and the signal transmitter location. This task takes on an even more critical importance when dealing with RF signals on military test ranges. RFeye Mission has been [...]

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Wide-area monitoring and geolocation software

The best monitoring hardware demands the best software — and this is it. Everything you need to manage the spectrum in real time, hunt interference, schedule missions, derive actionable intelligence and react to threats. New features and capabilities are added with every release. Real-time monitoring RFeye® real-time monitoring software has been designed and optimized to run as fast as possible to [...]

Wide-area monitoring and geolocation software2019-11-28T13:59:37+00:00

RFeye Monitor

RFeye® Monitor is a web-based interface designed for the management of large RFeye Node networks and the data they collect. It is the ideal tool for users needing key reports on network status, geolocations, sweeps and occupancy without using the more detailed and expert interface of RFeye Site. Monitor contains a database of long-term spectrum monitoring data which is also near real time (up-to-the-minute) [...]

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RFeye Site

RFeye® Site is our state-of-the-art desktop application for all your real-time monitoring and geolocation requirements. It includes all the essential functionality needed for spectrum monitoring and management tasks such as: carrying out RF spectrum sweeps; IQ capture; measurements of power, occupancy, bandwidth and frequency deviation; and visualization via interactive charts and graphs. However, RFeye Site goes far beyond this with a vast array of [...]

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