RFeye Monitor in actionRFeye® Monitor is a web-based interface designed for the management of large RFeye Node networks and the data they collect. It is the ideal tool for users needing key reports on network status, geolocations, sweeps and occupancy without using the more detailed and expert interface of RFeye Site. Monitor contains a database of long-term spectrum monitoring data which is also near real time (up-to-the-minute) and can be organized into logical spectrum monitoring ‘campaigns’. By querying the database of spectrum sweep data and graphing/mapping results, the user can quickly turn big data into meaningful insights.

Key functions of RFeye Monitor include:

  • Remote management of Nodes: View Node statuses (e.g. connection status, any errors or warnings), manage Node licenses and applications, organize Nodes into logical groupings
  • User management: Add users, assign permissions and receive relevant notifications according to job role
  • Collect, manage and analyze spectrum data: Filter spectrum sweep, occupancy and violation data to quickly draw conclusions from spectrum monitoring campaigns
  • Geolocation: View locations of signals of interest overlaid on a Map without requiring the user to be concerned by geolocation implementation details.

RFeye Monitor makes it easy for RF spectrum stakeholders to access the data they need to make key decisions without requiring expert RF knowledge or a steep software learning curve.