Rugged, deployable, high-bandwidth I/Q recorder

Rugged RF recorder for high-fidelity capture, recording and analysis (using DeepView) of wideband RF spectrum data.

  • Up to 500+ MHz instantaneous bandwidth
  • 9 kHz up to 8 GHz/18 GHz frequency range
  • Rack-mounted COTS processors and storage
  • Designed for harsh environments
Wideband 9KHz to 18GHz frequency range
  • Sens remote

SenS Remote

SenS Remote

SenS Remote

SenS Remote enables recording to take place in fixed, unmanned locations such as on a mast or tower. Weatherproof remote receiver heads are located as close to the antenna as possible to minimize cable losses. Data from the receivers is streamed via fiber-optic cables to COTS rack-mounted processors and storage media (SAN, NAS or RAID, for example) housed in a building or environmental enclosure.

SenS Remote has been designed to operate in the harshest of conditions on land and on sea while delivering high-fidelity, low-noise spectrum data.

Built-in analysis

The rack-mounted controller runs a copy of DeepView forensic analysis software. By remotely connecting to DeepView via web browser, anyone in your organization can perform analysis on the data without the need for high-speed data connections.

Modular expansion

The modular nature of SenS enables you to increase the IBW from 100 MHz up to several hundred MHz with no degradation in SFDR or increase in noise. Multiple receiver heads can be deployed using a single antenna input to provide wider seamless IBWs.

Designed to be ITU compliant

Technical specification

Receiver specifications  
Frequency range 9 kHz to 8 GHz/18 GHz
Full receiver specification As per RFeye Node 100-8 or RFeye Node 100-18
Modular IBW expansion  
1 receiver IBW 100 MHz
Up to 5 receivers IBW 500 MHz
Data storage requirements 1 hr 12 hrs 24 hrs
100 MHz IBW 2 TB 24 TB 48 TB
200 MHz IBW 4 TB 48 TB 96 TB
500 MHz IBW 10 TB 120 TB 240 TB
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