Ultra-wideband I/Q recorder

Wide bandwidth, high-fidelity capture, recording and analysis (using DeepView) of RF spectrum data.

  • Up to 1 GHz instantaneous bandwidth
  • 9 kHz up to 18 GHz frequency range
  • Rack-mounted reciever cards and COTS processors and storage
Wideband 9KHz to 18GHz frequency range
  • G-Rack

SenS G-Rack



For ultra-wideband recording up to 1GHz IBW, the SenS G-Rack is the answer. Every component except the antenna is mounted in a COTS server rack, creating a compact system that can be mounted inside a vehicle or building. The radio receivers are contained in a shielded case within the rack to prevent any interference. The G-Rack makes high-fidelity, ultra-wideband recording, analysis and playback a reality.


An optional external playback module is in development to support the SenS range and will offer playback of up to 100MHz on a fixed IF—this signal can then be fed into a Vector Signal Generator (VSG) for up conversion to the desired frequency. The playback module offers the capability to replay captured signals for test & measurement of intricate signals.

Built-in analysis

The rack-mounted controller runs a copy of DeepView forensic analysis software. By remotely connecting to DeepView via web browser, anyone in your organization can perform analysis on the data without the need for high-speed data connections.

Modular expansion

The modular nature of SenS G-Rack enables you to increase the IBW up to 1 GHz with no degradation in SFDR or increase in noise. Multiple receivers can be deployed using a single antenna input to provide wider seamless IBWs.

Designed to be ITU compliant

Technical specification

Receiver specifications
Frequency range 9 kHz to 18 GHz
Full receiver specification As per RFeye Node 100-18
Modular IBW expansion
1 receiver IBW 100 MHz
Up to 10 receivers IBW 1 GHz
Data storage requirements 1 hr 12 hrs 24 hrs
100 MHz IBW 2 TB 24 TB 48 TB
200 MHz IBW 4 TB 48 TB 96 TB
1 GHz IBW 20 TB 240 TB 480 TB
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